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How To Counter Hog Rider Balloon Freeze Combo Deck

Have you ever faced an opponent equipping Freeze card along with Hog Rider/Balloon, a combo which can blow up your Arena Tower in a blink of an eye? In this guide I’ll show some methods to counter this OP combo!

Hog Rider/ Balloon Combo – The deadly deck in Arena 4 and 5 focus on taking down tower as fast as possible, and once dominated the competitive Clash Royale scene before Freeze got nerfed. Both Hog and Balloon can deal huge damage to crown towers. The decrease in Freeze’s radius since the nerf has made this deck less effective, but the deck still remains popular with players in lower Arenas, and those who have leveled up Hog Riders and Balloons. Without the right strategy and the right cards to counter it, you may find yourself losing an Arena Tower very quickly.

1. Counter cards to deal with Hog/Balloon + Freeze

Having ranged troops in your deck

The reason is simple: To avoid being freeze both Arena Tower and your troops. Be sure to drop your troops in an ideal spot.

Musketeer – One of the best troops to counter Hog Rider/Balloon because of its long range and high attack damage to a single target.

Ice Wizard – He can delay the Hog Rider/Balloon coming to your Tower and allow your troops/Arena Tower to kill it. With the slow on Ice Wizard’s attack, it will briefly delay the Hog Rider/Balloon having enough time to kill it before reaching your Tower. Moreover, it only cost 3 elixir, which is way better than opponent’s combo with 8 elixir.

Archers/Spear Goblins: Most effective when combining with musketeer/Ice Wizard.

The reason I don’t put Minion Horde here because it offers rather short range, which is the most critical weakness against Freeze, as your enemy can simply freeze both Arena Tower and Minion Horde. If you still prefer Minion Horde, try to deploy it near the bridge to take down Balloon/Hog Rider as fast as possible.

#2: Always carry building cards in your deck

Carrying at least 1 building card is necessary for defending against not only Hog Rider and Balloon, but also threats such as the Mortar, X-Bow and many other threats that would otherwise directly target your Arena Towers. These buildings include, Inferno Tower Cannon, Tesla, Goblin Hut, Tombstone, Bomb Tower, Barbarian Hut or even the Elixir Collector are all good buildings to block incoming Hog Rider/Balloon. Depend on your deck, you can choose appropriate building card to suit your style.

Cannon – One of the most effective building with decent stats at cheap 3 elixir cost, which is a great card to distract Hog Rider/Balloon.

Inferno Tower – It counters all high hp troops as it deals insane amount of damage once it builds up on a single target. Coupled with Zap, use it to eliminate swarm troops on the way.

Tesla – A good building with moderate HP and moderate damage which can lower the Hog/Balloon HP down and allow the Arena Tower to finish it off.

You should read more about choosing defensive structure guide. Now you have acknowledged which cards are ideal against that annoying combo. Here are some tips to help you have a clear overview about the strategies.

2. Counter tips to stop Hog/Balloon + Freeze

#1. Once you have identified that your opponent has Freeze, make sure you’re ready for the next one. Place your building to the spot which is a bit close to the center of the arena between the King and Arena Tower. I will call this “sweet spot”. However, if your opponent drop other troops to support Hog Rider, do not place your building in the sweet spot. Instead, place it near the center of the river to avoid being frozen both Arena Tower and your building. Always deploy your building after opponent dropped their Hog Rider to extend the duration.

#2. If you are deploying troops to defend against the incoming Hog Rider/Balloon, drop them FAR AWAY from your Arena Tower so that your enemy cannot freeze both your troops and your building. Another thing you should note that you should only deploy 1 troop card at once. Although the Hog Rider can deal some damage to your tower, you will benefit in the Elixir resources which will allow you to make a counter attack.

3. Video counter Hog/Balloon + Freeze

These tips are recommended by Ash, a well-known CR player for his throughout guides for every common decks hope you enjoyed this Hog Rider/Balloon + Freeze counter guide, and don’t forget to share this awesome guide with your friends!

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