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7.0 Elixir Deck – Do Not Try At Home!

Clash Royale Troll Deck – The most expensive deck in Arena 7 and Legendary with 7 tank cards and 1 building. Let find out how to win with this 7.0 Elixir Deck!

I recently got bored with playing Clash Royale, as I can only play 1 or 2 favorite decks not to lose many times. Everytime I think of a new strategy or a new trolling deck just to have fun, it doesn’t work. Luckily, I accidentally watched a video and see this crazy deck, then I tried and it is working! Not only can it be effective, it is also very funny to troll your opponents.

Overview: Basically, you need to reach Arena 7 first to get Three Musketeers to complete this deck. This one contains: Three Musketeers, Golem, Pekka, Lava Hound, Barbarians Hut, Sparky, Royal Giant and Giant Skeleton, which will cost you an average of 7 elixir! This is the highest elixir cost possible in CR, and I will show you guys the cheapest trolling deck in near future!

Strategy: The biggest drawback of this deck is the lack of spells, leaving you vulnerable to horde of troops or air troops, so you need to use your tanker to distract them (Lava Hound, Golem). I have to mention again that this deck is just for FUN, and can only be effective if you gained some levels on your cards with the level advantage of King/Arena towers level, so do not take this too seriously, yet it is still entertaining to play. Another major problem of this deck is that you must get right cards at the start of the game to gain advantage over your opponent. If you don’t have anything to counter their Hog Rider/Balloon, then you are doomed. However, once you have good cards in your hand, for instance: Sparky + Royal Giant + Barbarian Hut, you can hit their tower pretty hard and easily win the match.

You can watch some real matches in this video:

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