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Clash Royale Strategy Guides: Some Tips To Win

Clash Royale Tips & Strategy Guide: This general tips and strategy guide will mainly focus on showing you how to efficiently improve your playing style with using the right cards, deploying effectively, countering and some other minor tips.

Using the right cards

NEVER RUSH to use your cards randomly, that may cause you lose your advantage in every match. Every card has their own advantages, disadvantages, fixed and unfixed roles in a match. For example: using Valkyrie again Barbarians should be more efficient than using Goblins towards Barbarians. You can switch Valkyrie for Dark Prince because of the splash damage, but not for Prince because he only attacks single unit at once. See how important to use the right cards? Use your head in the game could increase your winning chance a pinch.

Know how to counter

This is just an advance clash royale tip of using the right cards which means you should consider more carefully when using right cards in order to counter efficiently. Battles are all about Elixir Trade, counter definition is to win that Elixir Trade and punish your enemy back. For example: counter Hog Rider (4 Elixir) with Canon (3 Elixir) and you will gain 1 Elixir advantage. Or you could deploy Barbarians (5 Elixir) to counter Hog Rider (4 Elixir), in this case, you don’t actually gain advantage from Elixir Trade but in the end your Barbarians destroy Hog Rider while remaining full health. Practically, you have destroyed 4 Elixir of your enemy, and still have 5 Elixir to go for their Tower. Sweet punish awaits! However, be careful to plan ahead, because it will not be so simple in real match.

Know how to place a defensive building

Calculate the deployment time and range of your defensive building to utilize its maximum performance. Imagine you miscalculate the elements, you deploy the Canon a little bit early to counter your enemy Hog Rider and he replies with Minions. Epic fail! And if you deploy too late? Also epic fail. Remember to calculate the timing and the range to score a perfect deployment for defensive buildings.

What is your own strategy

Strategy is sure important, you must know your deck and your own strategy to perform an identical and synergetic strategy. Definitely, everyone has their own preferred strategy, some are into defensive, some are into offensive, some are into disabling or utilizing and some are enjoying trolling. You must define your best strategy and make a combination with your deck to expand your gaming experience in exclusive ways like small push, splitting push, disable push or passively defend, etc …

Clash Royale Tips & Strategy Video Guide hopes you will improve your Clash Royale after reading this guide. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions and make sure to Like and Subscribe us to dig in more daily Clash Royale video guides.

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