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How To Break Your Opponent – Reading Their Plays

A great clash royale strategy guide will give you a lot to think about. Try to become a reactive player more so and focusing on getting stronger cards. You really hit many points home. Well done Valentine!


Hello All – My name is Valentine. I like to consider myself a strategist. I love the mental factor that comes with strategy-based games. I love breaking down top quality gameplay and tactics and applying them to real life standards. So, it’s still true now, even if it’s not to as extreme of a degree as before.


I want to make a name for myself in tournament play and I hope to do so in the coming weeks. Im an avid clash Royale player and I strive everyday to be considered the best and I will do whatever that takes by any means. Hopefully I can make a name for myself in season 2 of Super Magical Cup, so stay tuned.


I wanted to make a completely new strategy that has never seen light yet. I want to provide out-of-the-box strategies that can be applied to ANY strategy game, such as Clash Royale and real life scenarios, if such thing occurs. I want to prove to the community that I’m dedicated to making quality work to give detailed information about key elements of becoming a top player, to help the community grow in experience and wisdom and that I can be trusted when it comes to my work.

Strategy Guide Content

This Guide Will Be Broken Into 10 Sections

I. Breaking Your Opponent.

II. What is Pattern Recognition?

III. Small Break-Down of Forcing Card Rotations

IV. Understanding Your Opponents Strategy

VI. Play On Your Card Rotation

VII. Stop Their Motives

VIII. What To Do When You Have These Techniques Down?

IX. Evaluate Where You Are In-Game

X. Conclusion

When you know your opponents patterns and their strategy, you need to disrupt their motive. You should never play passive and allow them to get their troop combos off, always force them to play a card in their strategy to counter your cards and you’ll most likely walk away with a win. There’s no such thing as counter-decks, that’s all in your mind. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean your deck is unbeatable but it does mean you have a fair chance of winning if you play smart and have a balanced deck. If you force their card rotation you automatically have an advantage. Every strategy has a counter, you just need to find it and tech against it, with the best of your ability. Disrupting their card Rotation will put you at an advantage right off the bat. It’s better to read their cards and wait for your chance to setup an opportunity to force their card rotation in your favor, right before double elixir– you can walk away with a win 99% of the time, when you master this technique.

Thanks For Reading.
Clash On!

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