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Clash Royale Detailed July Update Changelog

On July 4th, Supercell released a monthly update with numerous changes across either gameplay or new functions. This July update includes a balance changelog, 4 new troop cards, a new Arena and brand new Tournament feature!


  • Introducing a massive new feature: Tournaments!
  • Battle nearby players for Tournament Trophies!
  • Climb the tournament leaderboard to earn HUGE Tournament Chests!
  • Check out Clash Royale Tourney Week to join and watch lots of awesome tournaments with big prizes!


  • New Arena: Frozen Peak unlocks at 2300 Trophies
  • Achievements: Compete in tournaments to unlock new achievements
  • TV Royale: Features top players in the Legendary Arena channel more often
  • TV Royale: Moved to the middle screen (Battle tab)
  • Friendly Battles: Choose which Arena to fight in
  • Card Collection: Sort your cards by Arena, Elixir cost or rarity
  • Player Profile: Now shows your last used Battle Deck from any battle (not necessarily the one currently selected)
  • Bug Fixes: We’ve removed the 11th Elixir drop (as a “feature”, it was a bit too hidden), fixed cards deselecting when overtime kicks in, and many more!


  • New Common Card: Ice Spirit
  • New Epic Card: Bowler
  • New Legendary Cards: Lumberjack & The Log


Skeleton Army: Skeleton count increased to 21 (from 20)

Unnecessary buff for the Skarmy since Supercell still can’t fix its major issue: Being one-shot by Arrows or Zap. However it would be nice in lower Arenas where Zap is not available yet, as Arrows take time to land while your Army has already deal decent damage to the single beefy target.

I personally think that Supercell should rework this card, or simply decrease the elixir cost to 3 while also decreasing the units number

Goblin Barrel: Elixir cost decreased to 3 (from 4), Goblin deploy time increased to 1.2sec (from 1sec), removed impact damage

This buff is exactly what i thought! With the only 3 elixir cost instead of 4, Barrel will gain his popularity soon as we can have even elixir trade against arrows, while we can bait Zap to drop these flying Gobs later. Recently the Goblin Barrel + Miner deck has gained some success and been used by some top players.

Giant Skeleton: Damage increased by 20% (doesn’t affect Death Damage)

One of the best defensive tank because of its death damage, yet he is not excel in attacking since he will be distracted by any ground troops and his damage is pretty low for an Epic card. The damage increased will make him push harder than before, but not enough to push him into the current meta.

Dark Prince: Damage increased by 8%, no longer affected by pushback (e.g. when hit by Fireball)

Probably the ability to be not affected by pushback is to make him scale with the brand new Bowler, The Log and Fireball. The 8% increase in damage cannot neglect his already low damage, thus it would be hard to see the used-to-be-popular PPP deck become a meta again.
Bomber: Damage increased by 9%

Wizard: Attack speed increased to 1.6sec (from 1.7sec)

A bit more effective in clearing swarm troops, but still being overshadowed by his Legendary counterpart (Ice Wizard)

Inferno Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6%. Zap and Freeze can now reset the damage charge

Oops! Butthurt for Inferno Tower as the increased HP cannot neglect the reset damage. Now a single Zap will completely shut down an Inferno Tower. Cannon or even Tesla is more preferable now.

Elixir Collector: Now affected by slowing and speed up effects (Poison, Freeze, Zap, Rage, Ice Wizard)

Just a fix on the game mechanic, yet an indirect nerf for Pump as the common Poison and Ice Wizard will slow its production rate down as well.

Tombstone: Hitpoints increased by 9%

Basically a free level up for this card. Super effective against some kind of troops. However, this building has an issue against meta card such as Royal Giant or Hog as its HP is still too low compared to the mainstream Cannon.

Bomb Tower: Hitpoints increased by 6%

Due to the fact that it can only counter swarms for too much elixir, it will continue to hide in the shadow until Supercell make some dramatic changes. hopes you enjoy exploring the Detailed July Update discussion. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this update and dig in more daily Clash Royale videos.