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How To Get Prince After Passing Training Arena?

So I passed Clash Royale Training Arena and didn’t get the Prince, the most freaking OP card ever? – It’s just a matter of chance!

Despite being one of the earliest unlocked cards in Clash Royale, Prince proves that he is helpful and devastating even in Legendary Arena. Many clashers think Prince is op and struggle with getting this Pony Rider even when they get into Arena 3. Today I will show you some easy methods to own the Prince without spending too much on those damn chests. Check it out!

Oh I almost forgot. Before applying these tips, you must first DROP YOUR TROPHIES to about 400 to gain access to Arena 1. The reason for this is to limit the card pool you can get from Free/Silver/Gold/Giant/Crown chest, therefore increase the opportunity to get Prince.

1. Get Prince by opening every free chest

Chests can give you cards from the arena they were earned in or any previous arena. So tutorial cards can be found in any chest you get. As far as getting the prince, it is just luck of the draw at that point.

For every 4 hour you will get a free chest from Supercell, maximum 2 chests at once. Winning every match grant you a random Silver/Gold/Giant chest, limited to a number of 4 at one time. For 10 crowns from matches you will gain access to Crown chest. Try your best to own as much aforementioned chests as possible, as you will have (although little) chance to get Epic card from these, and it is likely that you will have a Prince.

2. Owning Prince with daily market

You should always try to have over 2000 gold. Just in case you see an epic card you need. Every 24 hour three different rarity cards will be on sale, and you can spend gold buying them, so make sure that you check the market everyday not to miss him. On Sunday the number of cards is doubled and 2 Epic cards are available! 2000 gold is needed to get the first Epic card, followed by the arithmetical for every next Epic card you wish to buy. If you are desperate to get the Prince, this will definitely help you out.

3. Using Gems to get Prince

Our last option, but also most effective one since you can also significantly increase your other cards level by chests purchased by these gems, in addition to the 100% chance to get an Epic card from a Super Magical chest. Of course pay-to-win is not favourable to most people, yet this is your choice. There are many alternate options to the Prince, just give it a try to know the beauty of this game xD.

Prince Video

Take a look at this video to have an in-depth overview about getting Prince hopes you enjoy exploring the Getting the Prince card tips. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale videos.

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