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It’s Not Really The Deck That Matters, It’s The Player!

I think a lot of beginners look for a best deck more than they think about gameplay. When I see someone say “I gained x trophies with this deck” posts, I just smile. It’s Not Really The Deck That Matters, It’s The Player!

I have come across various posts about how to improve their decks, why do they always stuck at the current Arena, or what are useful tips to play significantly better. Note that this Clash Royale Gameplay Tips is for those who are seriously in need of improving their abilities and climbing Arena.

Hardly can I be the best Clash Royale player, yet I still want to share my knowledge as well as my experience to newbies. Feel free to give feedback and fix me if necessary!

I have achieve pretty high matchmaking rating in DotA 2, and from my perspective, both DotA 2 and Clash Royale share some common logics fitting both of them.

1. Learn from yourselves

It is sad but true that the only thing being under control is yourselves. Every player is unique: You cannot control who you’re matched against, what decks they’re playing, or how much money they’ve sunk into the game. However, it comes to a different story as you can adjust your playstyle, the deck you are playing or the strategies you are applying. Therefore, it is your best bet to learn from your mistakes, figure out what is wrong with your previous games by watching those replays.

2. Adapt to everything

Trying to adapt to the situation, just make it work next time to take advantage of this. If you place a Pekka, and your opponent immediately counters with minion horde, 8/10 they’re doing to do the exact same thing next cycle. Punish them for it by pre-arrowing. Even if you lose games because you arrowed the ground, I guarantee more games will be won. If you know that your opponent spent 7 mana placing a Pekka behind his crown tower, and you don’t have one, don’t spend all your mana trying to defend against it. Rush the other side! And keep skeletons or spear goblins to lure the Pekka to the middle.

Also you should get used to the current meta, as it provides popular decks being effective for you to move on the higher Arenas. It is necessary to find out the pros and cons of these decks to know how to counter it properly. It is no use climbing all the way to Legendary Arena with only one deck.

3. Get to know your deck

Understand your deck inside and out. It is of great importance to know the win condition as well as the limitations of your deck, and I believe many of you might be surprised at what your decks are capable of! I encourage you to do crazy stuffs, even if you can lose 400 trophies in a row. When the lost trophies are gained back, the knowledge you learnt stays. Read more Deck Building Guide to know your deck.

If you want to try a new deck that’s fine but you gotta stick with it about until you get the hang of it. If you’re constantly switching you won’t get used to anything and will continue to lose. When you try a new deck you drop trophies before you start to see some victories. Keep using it and learn the deck’s strengths/weaknesses before u give up! Also, you should know how to build a good deck before changing.

Rarely did I used decks with a single Epic card, since they have much lower level than my Common and Rare cards. We might have to put in more effort and thought than players who drop thousands of dollars on the game, but I truly believe winning against those players is absolutely sweet. hopes you enjoy exploring our Gameplay Guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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