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Clash Royale FAQs: Cards – Arenas – Chest – Strategies

Clash Royale FAQs about Cards – Arenas – Chest – Strategies will help you climb to Legendary Arena.


1. Is there a way to view clash royale cards stats that is ready for upgrade?

Ohm man. It’s so easy! Do you see “info” in each card. Tap the card, then tap upgrade. It’ll bring up the card info. Upgrade the card from the info window easily. Besides, you can also hold down on the card to pull up its stats.

2. How I can get cards from previous Arenas?

You can get cards from the current or any Arena you passed

3. I wanna increase the chances of getting a specific card. Have any way?

Drop to a lower Arena with have fewer options for chest to increase it.

4. How much gold do Epic and Rare Cards increase after purchasing them in the shop?

With Epic, it’s about 2,000 to 3600. Rares about 40 to 56, sometime to 70. In addition, Commons are cheapest about 1-2 golds.


1. I can play in earlier Arenas, can’t I?

Nope. You once graduate out of an Arena, you can’t play in it again but it can if you move down an Arena by getting demoted.

2. Can I move down an Arena?

Yes. You can try anything to lose and be minused more than minimum requirement of trophies (-50) of the current Arena and then you get demoted to lower.

3. Is there any benefit to staying at arena 1?

It’s up to you. There’re many controversial opinions about it.

4. How does matchmaking work?

Many guys thinks it works based on King Towel level. It’s wrong cuz it is based purely on trophies.
I notice when you request it says “At x arena you can request x commons and x rares”. Does this ever actually change?

No, it’s always 10 common/1 rare.


1.Why do I see chests from an arena that I haven’t reached yet?

Normally, the chest you receive is from the best of the 2 Arenas competing. For example, an Arena 3 is fighting an Arena 4, the chest will automatically be from Arena 4.

2. How often to giant, magical, or super magical chests drop?

First giant or magical normally comes fairly quick, then you get it next one around the 130th chest then the next one at the 200+ chest range, this is subject to change.

Many guys claim that super magical chests drop randomly with 0.1% but it’s just a guess.

3. If all my chest slots are full, should I keep playing? Will I miss out on anything?

It’s up on how many chests you get, not wins. Playing while having full chest slots will let you play for trophy/fun/xp, and you can pause the chest order. So you won’t miss any chests. But higher arena you are, the harder it is to open a specific card through chests. So if you need some Arena 1 epic cards, they’ll be harder to get in Arena 2 chests.

4. Is there an order to how the chests drop? How can I tell what chest I will get next?

Yes, you can see clash royale chest order

5. Is there anyway to remove chests to make room for others?

No. They’re yours until you open them.

6. What cards will be in my free chest, or in my crown chest?

It’s up on the current Arena you are in when opening them. For example, you unlock a crown chest in arena 4, battle and get to arena 5 and then open it for cards, it will be an Arena 5 crown chest. If you unlock the crown chest in arena 4 but then lose and get demoted to arena 3, if you then open it, it will be an Arena 3 crown chest.


How do I get better?

Being the smart guys, we should learn the best way to shorten time and get the best result. Following 4 steps in the best one in my experience, you will improve promptly.

Watch tv royale.
Watch your losses back.
Practice with clanmates in friendly battles.
Read [strategy] posts.

How should I spend gems?

Check out /u/hazonskie’s post

How to counter

Prince: In my experience, it’s not difficult. I usually drop a tombstone right in front of the prince. The prince will break the tombstone and I drop 6 skeletons immediately to kill the prince. It’s so fucking easy and low Elixir in 3.

Baby dragon: use ranged creeps (preferably not small ones like minions or spear goblins as the dragon has AOE) or something big that can soak up damage while your crown towers kill off the Dragon. Dropping Musketeer next is good because it will still live after the dragon does.

Goblin Barrel: Dropping arrow spell on time will kill off all the goblins in one hit before they can do any damage. Cheap creeps like Spear Goblins or Archers will also deal with the barrel but you might take a few 100 damage. Bomber is also useful in this case if you drop it the barrel off to one side but if they hit your tower dead centre the goblins will be separated individually and you’ll take some damage.

Balloons: Killing it off before it reaches your tower is necessary. In this case, use Air troops like minions or minion horde because they don’t get hit by the balloon. Musketeer is another good choice to deal with balloon.

Giant + Witch: Try to kill witch first and then the giant. Don’t drop cards in front of the giant cuz he will become the target to attack. You should wait until the witch crosses the bridge and then you drop a knight beside her (Wait until the witch crosses the bridge and drop a knight beside her. After killing Witch, use whatever you have and need to kill the giant. Combine fireball and do some real additional damage to witch + giant. Using this method, the witch will becomes extremely easy to kill off and you can focus on the giant.

Hog cycle: It’s really vital to recognize your opponent owning low-deck with a hog as soon as possible. When a Hog + Goblins/ Skeletons/Archers, it is claimed that they aren’t carrying any heavy Elixir cards. Don’t be tense! Prepare a suitable card to defeat a hog because a smart opponent usually plays hog every 4 cards to attack your weakness for not having cannon or other tower up. It directly depends on getting a single tower down, even double pushing isn’t also effective. Therefore, HP of your tower reduced a haft, let’s start to use that lane for all your troop traffic. In this case, it’s not better than Buildings, but you need to run troops kill of those Hogs in their territory.

Royal Giant: It’s great when you use Zap to retarget your tower of RG onto a cannon and reduce the average Elixir cost. Besides, Barbarians or Minions are other good choices; however, you need to consider when Royal Giant lacks Fireball or you must prepare for Zap/Arrows. After recognizing the defensive tactic of the opponent, try to capitalize on that. In the case the opponent protect their Royal Giant by using Fireball against your Barbarian, it’s so easy to use any cards in your deck to defeat Fireball, etc. In addition, a inferno tower also plays effective role like Zap in Elixir.

However, with guys who intend to use Rockets, it needs to reconsider since its low damage and difficult use. And Barbarian and Mini Pekka are also other options to kill of RG, but it depends more on your luck and need some assistances for them. So choosing which one’s up to you!

Air Tank Decks: It includes Lava Hound & Balloon + Giant. The most incredible things of this are to wait till 2 troops line up and fire a rocker and just not lose focus. And Hog Rider in this case isn’t beneficial. Should use slow troops and ranged troops to build momentum and get them in range respectively. When using Lava Hound, you need to combine other troops behind it because it doesn’t do too effectively. It’s without doubt that you use a strong defense LH or Balloon crossing the river. Cannon is also accepted but its major role is just to cycle a more suitable card.

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