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[Updated] Chest Order Analysis And Detailed Chest Cycle

By following the Chest Cycle introduced below, you can simply guess what your next chests are. In Clash Royale, getting a Magical Chest from winning chests is not impossible at all.

It is sometimes suggested that each kind of chest has its own chance to drop after battle, thus some people believe that it is only based on your luck to drop valuable chests such as Magical chest. They believe that the drop chances are 1% for Magical chest, 25% for Gold and 74% for Silver chest.

However, this theory is invalid as some players has tracked the progress of chest dropping and found out that it follows an order, or a cycle. After the cycle goes through itself, it will restart again.

I will put clash royale opening chests cycle in this link as it is too long to be put into this post. As you can see from the chart, after 6 wooden chests received from the Training Camp, the Main Cycle will begin and we will count from this mark. Theoretically, there are 3 magic chests in the 240 chest cycle, so yes, people’s prediction of 1% Magical dropping chance is not too far off: 3/240 = 1.25%.

IMPORTANT: Even when your chest slots are full, you will continue to receive “hidden chests” after winning battles, yet they will not replace your current chests of course. This means the order will continue to cycle through after every winning battle, no matter whether your slots are full or not.

Chest Cycle Conclusion

The practical way of taking note of this is waiting until you get a magical chest and start taking note of it. However, you can download the chest cycle trackers on the app store but they still don’t tell you where you are at on the cycle.

Therefore it will still require you to track your “upcoming chests” after your magical in order to see where you are. The best method is to see how many cycles it takes to get to a Giant chest and then verify with the app. hopes you enjoy exploring the Chest Cycle tip. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this tip and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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