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2.1 Elixir – Cheapest Deck In Arena 8 Legendary

Watch out for what present to you today: Insane 2.3 Elixir Deck to hit Arena 8! And it really works.

Dig in deeper to see how the miracle works and share this Cheapest Deck guide to your friends for a better Clash Royale experience!

Overview: Let’s go exploring this crazily low deck used by MOLT: Fire Spirit, Archers, Knight, Canon, Mirror, Spear Goblins, Goblins and Zap Spell. How on earth could this low elixir work on the legendary? Maybe, that’s the highly unexpected Return on Investment from this deck will tell you. All of your troops are fairly low on Elixir, no doubt.

Cheapest Deck for Arena 8 Strategy

This Arena 8 Cheapest Deck is kind of reactive deck, with the point being to whittle down a tower with Goblins. Cycle is fast with low elixir and the opponent won’t always have an answer when you have a low elixir deck and high cycle rate.

Clearly, you will have advantage on Elixir exchange with these low Elixir troops. Cleverly deploy your troops to distract, cover and frequent kite your enemy is the miracle of this deck. The low Elixir cost on this Deck enables you to play Clash Royale with various mixed strategies. Respond to your enemy tactics with available troops that almost up all time! Make sure to scatter and deploy your troops wisely. Distraction and Kiting is the most important skill required to use this deck.
The concept seems very sweet, but watch out for it weaknesses. Cheap troops tend to be low in HP and vulnerable to splash damage. So pray for not matching with players using Bomber Tower, Bomber, Valkyrie or other splash damage dealing troops.

Cheapest Deck for Arena 8 Video hopes you enjoy exploring the cheapest arena 8 Deck. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this deck guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale tactics videos.

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