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All Clash Royale Cards Information, Stat and More. Let’s see what they are!

Cards General Information (From

– There are currently 58 cards available with 4 levels of cards:

  • Common (color: gray or pale blue) with 13 different levels
  • Rare (orange) with 11 different levels
  • Epic (purple) with 8 different levels
  • Legendary (color rainbow) with 5 different levels

– There are 3 types of cards in the battle field: troops, spells, and buildings. Spells can be placed anywhere, while buildings and troops are spawned only on your territory. (Exceptions: the Miner (troop) can move anywhere and The Log (spell) can only be placed in your territory.)

– Each battle, you can choose 8 cards based on your strategy. When you are in the battle, deploying cards costs Elixir.

– Two ways to get cards: buying by your Gold or finding from Chests. Chest will contain random cards from Arenas that you have passed. (Exceptions: Free Chest and Crown Chest can contain cards from the arena you open it in, even if you got the crowns in a lower or higher arena).

Unlocking a card means that you can use it permanently, even if you have donated it or not. Read more Cards List Sort By Popularity too have an overview of the current meta card.

– Each card will have a meter bar, once the meter is full, you can upgrade clash royale card. Upgrading cards take no time but Golds. When your card hit the max level, you can hold additional cards (100 for Commons, 10 for Rares, 1 for Epic and Legendary) for donations.

– For troop and building cards, their level are displayed next to their health bar. Spell ones do not.

– For cards, all health and damage stats are increased by roughly 10% per level. Troops like Goblin Hut and Witch, their spawned troop level increased by 1 per level.

Clash Royale Cards List

Arena Unlocked Cards

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