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Card Popularity Snapshot #10 – August Updated

Card Popularity August Updated – This Cards List may help answer questions regarding which cards you should request from clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck. Thanks Woody for putting this together again!

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Zap is one of the most used cards in Clash Royale

Zap cannot be stopped. It is auto-include for every deck archetype – players at the top of the ladder now only need to choose seven cards when they build a deck (Zap Guide here). The stunning success of Zap leaves room for one more spell to deal with bigger targets, and Poison fits the bill perfectly. The debilitating effect of these cards is overwhelmingly powerful in the right hands and sets them apart for their versatility. Mini P.E.K.K.A and Guards surged to the top as defensive troops that are resistant to splash damage. Elixir Collector holds strong as a proactive way to generate elixir and pass the initiative to your opponent–an efficient defense to an opponent’s aggression is just as valuable as the two elixir you profit from playing the pump. Miner and Princess are also used it at least half of all top decks. Miner works wonders against pumps, provides chip damage, and prompts many forced errors by splitting your opponents’ defense. Princess does well in a metagame that eschews Arrows and The Log–opponents either respond with light troops that can be Zapped, or overreact at an elixir disadvantage. You may want to see Best Miner Princess Deck Got Me To Global Number 1.

The next tier of cards includes those that have great situational use or are deployed as win conditions themselves. Musketeer and Cannon fall into the first category as cards that work well at generating an elixir advantage on defense. The Musketeer then forces a defensive response by your opponent, while the Cannon can distract troops that target only buildings. Giant remains the most popular tank since the removal of ‘elixir overcharge.’ Ice Spirit has surged in popularity as a defensive supplement similar to Zap–the one-elixir card cycles well and can often provide an elixir advantage for the defender, while providing a cheap supplement to an attack (check out the new Orange Juice video to learn more!). Minions offer a ‘good, but not great’ way to deal with ground-only attacks, but deal very little damage to the enemy tower without additional support. Goblin Barrel remains a sneaky, easy way to get damage directly on the enemy tower once your opponent’s Zap is out of hand. Prince has made additional headway over Hog Rider to become the striker of choice behind a Giant–a great article from MoEsport can help you perfect your Prince usage.

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Suggest decklists

Miner/Mini P.E.K.K.A Control (Fourteen appearances of this EXACT deck): Miner, Poison, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Cannon, Princess, Guards, Zap, Goblin Barrel.

Giant/Prince Beatdown (Eleven appearances of this EXACT deck): Giant, Prince, Musketeer, Elixir Collector, Zap, Guards, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Poison. Note: Swap Princess for Prince to make this a more control-oriented deck.

Three Musketeers Beatdown (Four appearances of this EXACT deck): Three Musketeers, Knight, Elixir Collector, Minions, Zap, Guards, Poison, Miner.

What conclusions do you draw from these numbers?

Card Popularity

Card Appearances Change
Zap 98 20
Poison 81 21
Mini P.E.K.K.A 77 22
Guards 70 49
Elixir Collector 63 0
Miner 53 20
Princess 50 -2
Musketeer 35 -3
Cannon 32 -2
Giant 32 4
Ice Spirit 22 16
Minions 20 -11
Goblin Barrel 17 3
Prince 14 4
Hog Rider 13 -20
Minion Horde 13 6
Goblins 11 -3
Skeletons 11 -14
Three Musketeers 10 4
Ice Wizard 9 -19
Valkyrie 9 -18
Barbarians 7 -7
Knight 7 7
Spear Goblins 5 -12
Bowler 4 3
Inferno Tower 4 -2
P.E.K.K.A 4 -7
Fireball 3 -6
Arrows 2 -9
Balloon 2 0
Dark Prince 2 -7
Freeze 2 -11
Furnace 2 -16
Golem 2 2
Lightning 2 1
Rage 2 1
Witch 2 -6
Bomber 1 0
Fire Spirits 1 -3
Lava Hound 1 1
Mortar 1 1
Rocket 1 0
Royal Giant 1 -2
Skeleton Army 1 1
Sparky 1 1
Archers 0 0
Baby Dragon 0 -1
Barbarian Hut 0 0
Bomb Tower 0 0
Giant Skeleton 0 0
Goblin Hut 0 0
Lumberjack 0 -1
Mirror 0 -1
Tesla 0 -1
The Log 0 0
Tombstone 0 -1
Wizard 0 -2
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