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Unbeatable Mirror Decks Strategies In Clash Royale

Have you unlocked Mirror card and stuck at your current Arena? Do you want a good Mirror Deck? Ok here it is!

In this Mirror Decks Collection, you will see not only some super powerful decks such as Mirror + Golem/Pekka/Three Musketeer, but also a few fun/troll mirror decks such as Mirror Elixir Pump, Goblin Barrel or Chief Pat’s mirrored Miner. Check it out!

Mirror can fit perfectly to any strategies because of its versatility alone, which make it my favorite card at the moment. Although it costs 1 elixir more than the original one, imagine how can 2 elixir pumps at the same time be troublesome to your opponent.

The only major drawback of this card is the level of the troops it duplicates. If you prefer using common cards in your deck, the level of the mirrored cards would be usually lower than the origins. In contrast, you can get a higher mirrored cards level for Epic and legendary cards. Therefore, you should consider carefully when using this card. It is preferable to use it when you plan to utilize some Epic or Legendary cards.

1. Mirror + Golem Combo Deck

An Rushing Mirror Golem/Prince Deck! you will immediately see an increase in 3 crown win potential and the power to dominate many different types of decks, including the common Hog cycle decks, Giant/Loon decks and Royal Giant decks. It is also very competitive against Legendary cards, including the wretched Sparky. You want to work out counters with the Prince/Witch while using the Mirror to double whatever support troops you want. If the Mirror was queued, it would open up mirrored Goblin Barrel.

The most trouble I have are with Three Musketeers, but lucky for me they aren’t as common. The Trifecta deck gives me some trouble as well, but I’m learning to break the cycle and give pressure. In fact, the Trifecta deck is so popular deck, it’s become easy to predict.

If you want to use this deck, just warning you that you will have to defend much more accurately since you don’t have a real defense. if he kill your Spear Goblins with Zap, then drop Skeleton Army, that’s an ideal defense. You might lose a lot in the beginning. If you manage to make good defensive trades and minimize damage, you’ll perform infinitely better.

You can check out other Golem Decks and Prince Decks here.

Golem Mirror Video Guide

2. Mirror Elixir Pump Deck

This Mirror Pump Deck works extremely well as a call-and-response, where a counter push is worked up from the opponent’s attack. For example, a Hog with supporting Goblins can be taken out with a Archers and Barbarian counter. If a Hog is sent with Fire Spirits, no problem –  your Inferno can take the heat while Barbarians destroy the Hog. It’s likely that the Barbarians will get a nice fireball thrown at their face, but that’s ok. The Mirror can fill in as support troops while accompanied with a Hog to deal with Inferno/Bomb Tower,  Barbs / Valk / Mini Pekka.

Mirror Elixir Pump Video Guide

3. Mirror + Three musketeers Combo Deck – Watch Towers Melt!

Some of the wildest Mirror combo I’ve seen is that and 3 musketeer with rage.

You have to put 2 or more elixir collectors during over time as this deck costs lots of elixir. You should deploy the 3 musketeers behind your king tower, then mirror and rage them. The video below will show you how to use Mirror + Three musketeers Combo to counter a Spawner Deck.

4. Mirror + Mini Pekka Combo Deck

This deck looks really fun and you should definitely try it. Mini Pekka is the tower killer and your opponent will be scary when there’s two of her! She’s a very versatile card, and this deck aims to use her to take over the advantage. A duplicate Mini Pekka can serve as a defensive or offensive tool, depends on the situation you deal with.

So hope you guys enjoyed this small Mirror videos guide, and don’t forget to hit the like button, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t for more daily Clash Royale strategy and videos. Also, don’t hesitate to comment If you have any question about Mirror Decks in guys!

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