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Fantastic Miner + Hog Cycle Deck To Reach Legendary Arena

I got Miner in a gold chest yesterday and would like to try it out. Most straightforward application seems to use a Hog deck with Miner. I tried and it’s fantastic for arena 7 and 8.

Overview: With the 6% HP buff in the May patch, Miner has remained its popularity in Hog Rider cycle decks recently. He is the secret weapon for many players to climb up to Arena 7 and higher. The premise of the deck is to use Hog + Zap combo a lot and add Miner as a tank. To show you how awosome this deck is, Ash brings us some live battles of Clash Royale Miner Hog for Arena 7 and 8.

Check out Cards List Sort By Popularity to know what is the most used card in CR. Also, if you want a Miner Deck without Hog, no other Legend or other Hog Cycle Deck.

Best Miner Hog Cycle Deck Strategy

Replacements: Baby Dragon with Minion Horde, Goblins with Fire Spirits.

The basic idea here is to use Hog Rider Cycle Deck with its cheap and small troops, along with Miner as a substitution for Hog in some cases. Both of them share similarities in the role in which they should tank and serve as a decoy for other troops such as Archers or Goblins to deal an insane amount of damage to enemy’s Arena tower. Zap to gain more damage. Don’t know how to use Zap? Check it out!

The attack combo is drop Miner near tower, immediately followed by hog dropped at river. Miner tanks for hog, then zap for the extra hit and/or take out small troops or dmg minions. I think it’s actually better to drop the miner 1 or 2 cells in front of the tower in case they drop a troop. You’re using Mine for his HP here because he does little dmg to towers. So if they were to put archers, gobs, wiz, w/e down at the same time on the side you happened to put miner, The miner may take them out or does a good damage for the zap to finish.

Some mini combos you can execute to do a small push includes Hog + Goblins + Zap and Archers + Miner + Minions. It is crucial to stop enemy push with your units and take advantage of those to counter-push with prior mentioned combos. The feature of this deck is the ability to combine the defensive cards to form a counter-attack turn. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to deal with Beatdown Decks during the x2 period. You should immediately put pressure on the other lane whenever there is a sign of tanky troops from your opponent (Valkyrie, Musketeer or Witch are deployed at the bottom). Read more Double Lane Guide or Deck Archetype Clash Royale.

Anything that counters this deck so hard you have to play for a draw? Yes, of course. The deck with more than 2 defensive buildings or barbarians as soon as the hog crosses the bridge. Read more Counter Guide to deal with some popular decks right now.

Miner Hog Combo Deck Video hopes you enjoy exploring this Awesome Miner + Hog cycle deck. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategy guides.

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