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3 Ice Wizard Decks That Got Me To Arround 2500 Trophies

Ice wizard legendary card only costs 3 elixir and wow those Clash Royale Mage Decks are ridiculously strong to push to Arena 6 and higher.

Ice Wizard is viable at all levels and very good if used correctly. Because this Clash Royale Mage Card is so cheap you can practically drop is behind any tank like Giant, Pekka etc. He is a very good support card especially for defence, take down hordes of group troops like Goblins, Skeletons, even Barbarians to some extent. Practice in your clan in some friendlies or training arenas and see how it below Ice Wizard decks compliment your current deck. It’s definitely a very good card at higher levels. hope you enjoyed Ice Wizard Strategy and don’t forget to share this awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

1. Hog Rider + Ice Wizard – World’s Highest Level 8 Player Deck

In this Hog Ice Wizard Deck you will be watched Phil – the world’s highest ranked level 8 player taking down the players who are more than 3 level higher than him at Arena 8 Legendary. The general strategy of this deck is to defense effectively, then organize small counter to push. The fast turnaround capability thanks to the use of cheap units will help you get the elixir advantage, this is both strength and challenge for your Clash Royale skill.

2. Double Wizard + Pekka Combo Deck For to get Arena 8 Legendary

Are you looking for an easy way to push to Arena 7 with your P.E.K.K.A? you’ve just got Ice Wizard? This is a Double Wizard + Pekka Combo Deck that you definitely should not miss. Always start your battle by placing Elixir Collector between 2 of your arena tower if available. The special feature of this deck is a combination of Pekka + Mini Pekka + Freeze that can easily take down opponent’s arena tower if released exactly. Check out the video to see the Dual Wizard + Pekka Deck beat Three Musketeer deck. You can replace Pekka with Golem, Giant, Giant Skeleton or Royal Giant.

3. Ice Wizard Poison Combo Deck for Arena 5

This is probably the cheapest Ice Wizard deck as you see. Only with elixir 2.9, this Clash Royale Cheap Deck requires you must really drop troops skillfully and defense effectively, from that snipe hp of opponent’s arena tower by Poison and Goblin Barrel. Check out how to win with Wizard Poison deck.

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