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Hog Poison Combo – Top 1 Players’ Deck

You’ve heard about Hog + Freeze, Hog + Zap, how about Hog + Poison Spell? Hog trifecta deck – Top 1 Players’Deck Right Now! hope you enjoyed Hog Poison Trifecta Strategy and don’t forget to share this awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

Many Clash Royale players normally use Hog + Freeze or Zap, but now MOLT and Chief Pat – two of the most famous Clash Royale Youtubers decided to play around with Poison Spell. So basically if you are able to strike a few times with the Hog before he is killed, Poison Spell Card will bring down the tower’s health a little bit more, and reduces the health of troops standing in the “poison area” which makes it easier to deal with if they counter push. It’s not really OP combo but very hard to counter trully.

Hog Poison Combo Deck Strategy

Start with Elixir Pump. If you don’t have it and it’s the next card in your cycle you can cycle to it with Skeletons if you have them. Never play the cannon in advance. Always react with it to avoid piggy pushes, separate Giantloons/Lavaloons and such. If Elixir Collector at the bottom of your deck that’s okay. Just drop a Valkyrie waaaaay in the back or Musketeer. See what your opponent does. If they push the other lane depending on what they use Prepare cannon, zap, skeletons or Valk if absolutely necessary.

If they defend which is what you want them to do then as your Valkyrie or Musketeer reaches the bridge drop the other Valkyrie or Musketeer by them and put hog behind the Valk. What happens here is Valk tanks for hog and kills fodder troops. Now your poison won’t be up right now. Zap will be though around this time. If they drop a Mini Pekka or Valk in response they’ll probably place either in between your hog Valk or on you musketeer. You have to react immediately with a zap and try to have skeletons deployed at the same time by quick tapping. If done right it’ll stun them long enough to be taken out and let your hog and Valk get in some swings and possibly kill it. I usually hold back poison for the first assault though unless musketeer isn’t in the rotation. If she isn’t then it’s hog Valk poison and save the zap for they’re defense troops. Now once I’ve got a few pumps and double elixir rolling it’s game on. Everything gets dropped during the assault. Even if they have a great defensive strategy Poison usually ensures at least a 1-0 win. That’s how I play it at least.

Hog Poison Videos Guide


Chief Pat – Clash Royale & Clash of Clans


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