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Hog Lightning Combo – The Most Popular Decks In Arena 4

I’ve been using the Hog trifecta deck with success. Meanwhile a Supper Magical Chest gave me a bunch of Lightning Spell and it’s almost level 4 so I am looking to a good Lightning Hog Deck without Legendary.


The Lightning Spell card – unlocked at Arena 1 – is one of my favorite cards because of just how powerful it is and can completely destroy some of the most annoying decks to play against, such as those spawner decks, the Hut Spammers, and the turtle decks that basically combine their X-Bow or Mortar with a bunch of defenses.

With only Baby Dragon and Lightning as epic cards, this Hog Lightning deck has rather low average elixir cost of 3.6. The only noticeable problem here is the Lightning spell alone which costs 6 elixir, leaving you vulnerable to enemy push if it is not used properly. On the other hand, other cards are pretty useful and easy to upgrade.

Check clash royale the most used cards, Hog Freeze or Hog Trifecta Deck if you are not a Hog Lightning Deck’s fan.

Hog + Lightning Deck Strategy – Best Arena 4 Deck

The main key to success here is to focus around Hog Rider as well as Lightning spell. Hog is weakest when he has to face against multiple buildings, but this can be simply solved by a single Lightning to hit their buildings. You should know some Gameplay Tips to avoid Beginner mistakes.

Lightning can target up to 3 enemy troops or buildings with the highest HP. So to effectively use this card to obtain value, your goal should be to use it on 3 mini take units at once (Musk – Tower – Wizard). That will basically grant you an insane 10 Elixir profit and that can easily mean that you won the battle if you use that 10 Elixir advantage properly. Another example is using it on a Goblin Hut along with a Barbarian Hut and a Tombstone, then that can also quickly grant you a 9 Elixir in profit. The Lightning Spell costs 6 Elixir, but it’s just so easy to obtain value with it when you use it properly to kill multiple threats at once.

Other Hog Lightning Deck – If you want to see more video guides.

There are situations where u dont deploy lightning for the entire game which really stinks. The first lightning on the center defence or building usually gets a shit ton of damage if done right but otherwise it feels gimmicky. I’ve ended up with my Lightning killing Barbs instead of their intended target, cause the opponent decided to drop Barbs right around when I fired my Lightning. 

You should know some Gameplay Tips to avoid Beginner mistakes.

Hog + Lightning Combo Deck Gameplay

Let’s watch some live battles performed by Ash – a well-known player for his throughout guides and videos. Check it out! hopes you enjoy exploring this Best Lightning deck. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategy guides.

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