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Amazing Golem + Guards Deck for Arena 7 and 8

So I just got Golem and Guards to lvl 2 but i can’t make a good golem deck around them. Perhaps you could help me? I have princess legendary.

Guards are not very common, but with the recent update, there’s no longer a pushback effect to them, so that just makes them much better now. Also with the recent nerf of the Skeletons, I feel like the Guards are finally going to make a big scene in the current meta. Golem is SUPER good, yet only if you can utilize him well enough. In this guide we will go through the best strategy for them together.

2 already mentioned Epic cards along with a Legendary Princess, making this deck pretty tough to level it up. The 4.0 average elixir is quite high when you have to save much elixir for a big push with Golem. That’s why I need to include an Elixir Collector. Furthermore, we have Princess and Zap to deal splash damage against cheap troops.

Golem + Guards Combo Deck Strategy

This deck requires A LOT OF elixir to execute a big push, as Golem costs 8 elixir! Therefore, you should play defensively during the early stage, using Princess, Minions and Tesla to hold your line, while immediately counter push with these troops along with Guards as your Semi Tank. You must place down Elixir Collector ASAP to gain the elixir advantage, or else your combo will fail shamably at the later stage. Try to save your HP to make a big push during the x2 period. It is ideal to have 2 Pump before the double period.

Once you reach the double elixir stage, drop your Golem at the bottom of the map and wait for him to nearly reach the bridge, then drop Guards to tank for him. Mini Pekka can be placed right behind Golem to take out other troops and help Golem hit the Tower. Remember to deploy a Princess behind to take out squishy troops. Drop Guards whenever available to assist your push. GGWP!

Golem + Guards Combo Video

Let’s watch some live battles performed by Ash – a well-known player for his throughout guides and videos. Check it out! hopes you enjoy exploring the Amazing Golem + Guards Deck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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