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Powerful Pushing Giant Decks In Arena 5+

I’ve recently been using giant + musketeer to hit 2300 trophies. Giant is a really big but slow tank. If you can build up a fully supported troops behind Giant, you can almost guaranteed a tower.

Serves as a tough barrier for fragile troops behind and a hard tower-hitter, Giant is barely used on defence, yet he can take the role of a distraction to lure enemy’s troops, facilitating your Arena tower to take them down.

These Giant decks focus on gaining elixir advantage as the main key. General strategy here is to use Giant as a tanker, combining with other AoE units to execute small push and lower their HP, integrating with effective defence to gain elixir advantage and win the game in x2 period.

1. Giant Witch Available at Arena 4

It is quite simple here. You should drop Giant at the bottom of your battleground to wait for the elixir to regen. Afterward, deploy support card behind him based on which cards you have on hand. Try to deal as much damage as you can on Arena Tower. Use Minion Horde, Spear Goblins and Arrows to defend and counter push.

Giant Witch Video Guide

2. Giant + Balloon Deck – Available at Arena 5

Giant Balloon Deck Strategy: Drop Giant at the bottom of the map, then deploy Balloon to surprise your opponent. Use Arrows to clear defensive Minion Horde. Use your other troops to defend effectively.

Giant Balloon Deck Video Guide

3. Giant/Hog + Poison Deck – Available at Arena 5

Attacker: Giant, Hog, Poison, Minions
Defensive cards: Valkyrie, Archers, Cannon, Zap
Elixir Cost: 3.5

Giant/Hog + Poison Strategy: The same as 2 previous decks. However, you should deploy cheap troops instead of Hog or Poison to know which cards they have. Trade off to gain elixir advantage and use the Giant + Hog + Poison combo at the x2 elixir period.

Giant Poison Deck Video Guide

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