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Reach Legendary With 3 Best Decks Available In Arena 5

This best Arena 5 Decks Collection will offer you some most common combos in Arena 5, along with video guides to help you utilise them effectively.

Tank cards such as Hog, Pekka or Lava Hound can be unlocked in Arena 4, while some support cards are playable during Arena 5. The 2 most important elements for a perfect deck which is Shield and AoE card are all available for you now. Let’s play and start your winning streak!

In general, best Arena 5 decks focus on some new cards are Ice Wizard, Fire Spirits and Poison with a video to show more details. Hope it will help you to build your winning deck in Arena 5.

1. Hog + Ice Wizard + Inferno Level 8 Arena 8

Strategy: The key to success of this deck is its ability to defend effectively without using too much elixir and instantly counter-attack by Hog Rider. Use your cheap troops such as Spear Goblins, Minions to lure and defend. Whenever your opponent has Barbarians or Minion Horde, consider to use Zap and cheap troops to effectively stop them, don’t hesitate to use Fireball to take down strong but fragile troops such as Three Musketeers. For tanky troops such as Golem or Giant, Inferno Tower is of great choice against them. The main goal is to trade off elixir, make your opponent in short of resources, and counter-attack with Hog Rider whenever they have deployed their main troops.

Hog + Ice Wizard Video

2. Pekka + Hog Rider Combo Deck

Strategy: As opposed to the aforementioned deck above, this deck are way more aggressive as you always try attacking Arena Tower with your powerful troops. Hog Rider is still your main tower damage dealer, combining with support troops such as Fire Spirits, Minions or Skeletons to take out their supports. You can drop your Pekka to serve as a tank to distract enemies, allow Hog Rider to free hit their towers.

Let see Pekka + Hog Rider Deck Video Bellow

3. Giant + Hog Rider Combo Deck

Strategy: A cancer combo that drive people crazy for periods of time. Just simply use your cheap troops and Zap to defend and drop Giant + Hog Rider on your field, then use Poison on their Arena Tower. Boom! A tower has gone xD.

Check it out for Giant + Hog Rider Combo in the video hope you enjoyed Arena 5 Decks Strategy and don’t forget to share awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

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