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How to climb up Arena 8 with No Epic and Legendary cards

Not so interested in investing in Clash Royale? You can still enjoy the hall of fame with standard deck! No Hog Rider and Royal Giant are needed. hopes you enjoy No Epic or Legendary Cards Strategy and please spread the news to your friends who still struggle while playing the game free. Let’s agree to disagree!

Almost Clash Royale players enjoy their game without investing any amount to the game. The system provides everyone with equal opportunities to own the epic and legendary naturally. However, to be honest, it would be decades if you rely on opening free chests to complete the cards collection. That’s even not included with level system. They may frequently struggle to win the battle with other opponents who have invested in the game and scored better deck.

The struggle is now gone, please watch out for the standard deck, absolutely no epic and legendary cards that can help you climb up to Arena 8: Minions, Giant, Sniper, Barbarian, Canon, Valkyrie, Elixir Collector, Arrows. Moreover, Average Elixir Cost with a decent figure of 4.0 should encourage you to switch over to this Deck and try its simplicity yet solidity.

No Epic, No Legendary Cards Deck Strategy

Start off with the Elixir Collector if you happen to get one in the first round. Place it anywhere according to your likings but center is advisable. Use the counter match cards to eliminate your opponent’s tactics naturally. The winning point for this Deck is how well it counters Hog Riders and Royal Giant which are practically mainstream in Arena 7. Buildings can be used to distract Hog Raiders and Royal Giants while other troops will stomp the opponent’s tactics naturally. Rotate between cards to secure your win as the most annoying cards in Arena 7 have been countered perfectly with this Deck.

However, bear in mind that this Deck also has its own weakness. Average Elixir cost will prevent you from spamming troops and carefully decide to deploy your troops at precise moment. This deck is also restricted to high skill players as it demands high concentration and prediction in the battle. Moreover, this deck only builds for the mean of countering Hog Riders and Giant Royal, it probably fails when the opponents don’t use those cards. However, players rely on this Deck should be concise and focus on defense while waiting to punish your opponent hard when they are caught off guard (thanks to the Elixir Collector, you could deliver a powerful blow after surviving your opponent’s sweep).

No Epic, No Legendary Cards Strategy Video Guides

Enjoy playing Clash Royale free as your lifestyle is! No Epic, No Legendary Cards Deck may contribute to your pleasant feeling of not investing in the game yet still support you climb up to Arena 8! Don’t forget to click Like, Subscribe and Comment below on if you have any concerns and contributions. Stay tuned and get yourself updated with daily Clash Royale Tactics videos, only on!

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