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3 Giant Bowler Decks – Totally Crush Them With No Mercy

Are u looking for a good giant bowler deck? Here is the Giant Bowler decks collection with gameplay to help you out. Enjoy!

The Bowler didn’t get much love since he made his first appearance in the arena, but I suppose it’s just because he’s an epic and people have yet to bring him up to a viable level. In this post I will show you some decks that have Giant and Bowler – one of the most popular decks in Clash Royale recently.

1. 3800+ trophies Giant + Bowler deck (no Legendary)

Overview: A clasher named Medic has maintained his trophies steadily and easily with this deck in around 3800. This deck has Bowler and Poison as Epic cards, with the levels are 11 common, 8 in rare and 5 in Epic respectively. The average elixir cost is pretty high with 4.0, yet can be solved by the Elixir Collector.

Giant + Bowler Deck Offensive Strategy

Our main combos here would be Giant in the front plus Bowler behind to support and push enemies backward, with Poison to deal chip damage to Arena Towers and wipe out swarms and squishy units such as Princess. The Giant + Bowler combination is fine enough to perform a push.

Nevertheless, these combos require considerable elixir to perform, thus you need a Pump and extra time to have sufficient elixir for the big push. Basically, you need to play defensively while placing Pump whenever possible to ensure the elixir resource.

After your opponent finishes his push, you should drop Giant near the King Tower to have him walk slowly toward the bridge. Once he reaches it, you should drop Bowler behind the Giant to support our big boy and permanently push back any troops dare to hit our Giant.

Depend on the situation you would drop different cards to suit the push and tackle with opponent’s defensive troops, which I will mention later.

Giant + Bowler Deck Defensive Strategy

Defensive cores: Poison, Zap, Minions, Barbarians.

Being passive at the early stage is bread and butter, and placing Pump is utmost important as it will allow you to both attack and defend effectively.

Against Tank-beatdown deck, you can easily take care of those tanks by Barbarians and Minions, while Poison and Zap can also be used to stop them from having extra hits on towers.

Spawner deck is an easy prey to us, as Bowler and Poison would crush them without any problems. Versus this deck you should play a bit aggressive once they put down a hut, as this will give you advantage over him

PPP deck – Barbarians is your main defensive troops here, yet Bowler is great too as he could push back the Double Prince back, allow the Barbs and Minions to take out P.E.K.K.A quickly. Zap is also very useful to reset attacks and briefly stop them for a moment.

Hog cycle deck – No big deal! Permanent push back and Hog cannot do shit.

Air-Beatdown – Our worst nightmare as we have no counter to this deck archetype. Your best bet is to use all your resources and do the Double 1 lane pressure on the other lane and do the Tower race! Defending against Aerial deck is suicide.

Control deck – Quite annoying as they can defend pretty well while dealing chip damage on our tower with the imbalanced Legendary Miner. You should read the guide How to use and counter Miner to know how to deal with this OP card further.

Giant + Bowler Deck Tips

The two cards that can be swapped out are Minions and Zap. Ice Wizard is a fantastic substitution for Minions as he can damage and slow Air units simultaneously, which is perfect against Air-beatdown deck. In terms of Zap, we can use The Log to replace it as this Legendary Tree can eliminate Princess instantly and knockback units as well. Of course, in case you have these Legendary cards xD.

The ideal Pump spot is behind the Arena Tower. However, it will be a different story when it comes to Miner. In that case, you should place Elixir Pump BETWEEN the Arena Towers so the Miner will be targeted by both of them.

Poison is a situational spell. Against easy deck like Spawner, Poison is amazing in harassing opponent’s huts and towers, while it would be helpful to slow troops when facing other deck archetypes.
Bowler and Giant are in deep trouble in regard to Minion Horde. However,

Fire Spirits are such hard counter against those creatures, thus you should add Fire Spirits behind the Giant if you know for sure your opponent have a Horde card.

2. Giant Bowler Deck With A Tesla


Having a building reduces your chances to lose a tower since they are very potent at defending against building targetters. You need to put in a defensive building, otherwise you might be taking a bit too much tower damage by opponents hogs/RG. And Tesla could be the best choice.

Best Bowler Deck For Arena 8 From Ash

3. Giant Bowler Deck with Witch

Best Bowler Witch Deck From Curseius hopes you enjoy exploring Giant Bowler Deck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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