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It’s Not About The Size Of Your Deck But How You Use Your Deck

In the higher Clash Royale Arenas, top player doesn’t compare about the cup (trophies) but the cheapest deck. And this kind of deck here – The miner minnor cheapest deck.

Miner Mirror combo deck is not strange with Clash Royale gamers cuz thanks to this deck, they get lots of awesome wins. Don’t stop at here! Recently, Chief Pat, one of the famous Clash Royale youtuber just show a deck combining Miner and Mirror with new feature – the cheapest deck in Arena 7 and even Legendary Arena. hope you enjoyed this Miner Mirror deck guide and don’t forget to share this awesome deck with your friends! You rock!

Overview: It is considered the cheapest deck in Arena 7, Chief Pat’s Deck just have average Elixir cost 2.6 – the rare Elixir cost in high Arenas; In this deck, the cards support each other, and it also sets a balance between troop and building, point damage-inflicting cards and splash damage-inflicting cards… Everything just works nicely together but I must to say that this is “the best troll deck ever” LMAO

Strategy: In the offensive tactic, that the deck uses main attacking combo is Miner and Mirror combining to defend opponent’s attacking units by cheap units. The win will be controlled so let’s keep patient more cuz I also wanna stop the battle right now to enjoy the fucking awesome deck.

Video show you how to attack with Arena 7 Miner Mirror Cheapest Deck

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