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Incredible Giant Poison Beatdown Decks For Arena 7+

A Beatdown deck featuring the Giant + Poison combo, along with the Witch. Another version of Giant + Witch combination!

Overview: You are able to put a lot of pressure on your opponent with this deck archetype. With only Prince and Baby Dragon as Epic cards, as well as Hog as the only Rare card, we have a very low average elixir cost of 3.0, allowing you to cycle back to Hog and Prince very quickly. The Giant and Poison are your key cards and will obviously be used to push/counter and get crowns. The reason why this is very effective is because once you build an elixir lead or have double elixir, many players will be struggling with stopping this deadly pushing combo.

Giant Poison Beatdown Deck Offensive Strategy

Some viable combos are Giant + Witch, Witch + Mini P.E.K.K.A, Giant + Musketeer along with Poison on enemies if possible. You can mix them together to form bigger combinations, provided that you have sufficient elixir. One crucial thing to remember is that you have to adapt to the situation so as to take advantage on your opponent (e.g. against Ice Wizard and Princess, Poison is the best counter and can damage either tower or them).

The basic tactic here is to deal chip damage away at the Tower, and then making a big push during the double elixir time to take down Tower. Just let Giant go ahead, with the Witch and spells hopefully destroying distractions. Mini PEKKA is the hot trend in the meta right now. Also, having a Mini PEKKA behind the Giant is almost a death sentence for the tower. Musketeer/Witch helps eliminate flying units that chipping away our Giant and Mini P.E.K.K.A. They also have an insane DPS to couple with the Giant. Guards can be utilized to distract defensive units, as their shield will help them to survive a few hits and make them sustain longer in combat.

Worst counter to our Giant would be Minion Horde due to its extreme DPS, yet Witch and Zap can deal with them easily! Ice Wizard is also very annoying of his super OP slow, but we can get rid of him without too much effort thanks to our Poison. Defensive buildings such as Inferno Tower, Tesla will constantly distract the Giant, so we should take them down by Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer.

Elixir Collector is the winning condition, since it will provide huge elixir advantage, allowing us to perform wombo combo. Whenever you make a positive elixir trade, or your opponent plays passively, place Pump immediately.

Giant Poison Beatdown Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Guards, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, Witch. 

Against Hog Riders/Hog cycle deck/Hog Trifecta: Use Mini P.E.K.K.A/Musketeer to quickly take Hog down, and use Guards to distract the support units. Use Zap to prevent Hog from doing few hits if necessary.

Royal Giants: The same as above. We have no building so our best bet is to eliminate him as fast as possible.

Payfecta deck (or at least 2 Legendaries out of those 3): Very hard to deal with, your opponent will keep sending them to take out your collector. You need to protect your pump at all cost, when you see a Miner coming for your collector, drop a Mini P.E.K.K.A/Guards on to where you THINK the Miner will be. Always Poison the troops that follow the Miner such as the Ice Wizard or Princess.

Miner Furnace: A relatively new Miner deck that has been popping up in many tournaments. It focuses on slowly burning the tower down. This deck perfectly counters this. Keep sending a Giant followed by support troops (Ice Wizard or Musketeer) to take out the Furnace, then follow up with Poison to slowly chip away at the tower. As for the Miner, use Mini Pekka, and for the enemy Mini Pekka, use Ice Wizard.

Three Musketeers: Simply just Poison and Zap them, and they are dead. If there is a tank, Poison the Three Musketeers, then Zap, then use Guards/Mini P.E.K.K.A/Musketeer to take down the Tank.

Giant Sparky/ Royal Giant Sparky: You have to neutralize their pump by poisoning it. Against their combo, you want to deal with the Sparky first. Guards are perfect counter to Sparky because of their shield which totally prevent a shot from Sparky, so use them to distract Sparky and get rid of her. Meanwhile, use Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer to kill the Royal Giant. Keep in mind that Zap will reset Sparky’s charge, so take advantage of it.

Giant Balloon/LavaLoon: As we have no buildings, the best way to counter this deck is to drop Witch and Musketeer simultaneously, while placing Poison to slow them down.

Spawners: Use Poison on both Huts and Towers, then execute our aforementioned combos.

PPP (P.E.K.K.A Double Prince): Guards and Witch can distract those threats long enough due to Guard’s shield and Skeletons spawned from Witch, use Mini P.E.K.K.A to eliminate them.

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Giant Poison Beatdown Deck Video

Another Giant Beatdown deck from Chief Pat (With Princess)

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