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3 Fearful Decks In Arena 6 To Claim Trophies

Hereafter is some  best decks utilizing hottest cards which can be unlocked from Arena 6 in Clash Royale, including Golem, Sparky and P. All of the decks listed will contain cards that must be unlocked by reaching Arena 6 at least.

We’ve decided to show 3 decks for those trying to push into Arena 7 or break past the 2,000 – 2,200 trophies range. These are decks that allow me to earn enough trophies to reach Arena 7 in just a couple of hours of gameplay. Check them out below, along with the strategy video guides for putting them on the battlefield. I’ve tried lots of different decks while being stuck at Building’s Workshop.

Overview: These are offense mixed deck, utilizing the strength of 3 mentioned cards as a distraction/tanker to allow their follow-up troops to take down Arena Tower (with the exception of Sparky). Their average elixir cost fluctuate from 3.3 to 4.3 elixir. These decks are recommended in videos by Ash – a well-known CoC and CR player for his throughout guides and videos.

1. Golem + Wizard Combo Deck

Note: This deck requires Elixir Collector card to adapt the elixir demand. If you do not own this one, just check out the other decks.

Replacements: you can swap Wizard with Witch or Baby Dragon.

Strategy: There are 5 main threats to Golem: Minion Horde, Barbarians, Inferno Tower, Mini Pekka and Pekka. So the main goal here is to backup Golem with counter to these threats.

Basically, the strategy here is to start slowly as your main card cost 8 elixir! Remember not to place the Elixir Collector at the beginning of the match. Just start placing cheap troops to trade off and know your opponent’s cards. Afterward, deploy your Golem and surround him with swarm of troops to take down the tower. In the middle of the match, build Elixir Collector to maximize the potential of this deck.

In case your enemy deploys counter to Golem, just drop Wizard to destroy them. You can also utilize Elixir Collector as a defensive building, attract enemy’s troops attention to buy time waiting for your troops. Remember: Be patient, and you will have high opportunities to win the match.

There are some other combos as Golem Guards, Golem Poison if you dont like this standard golem deck.

Golem Deck Video Guide

2. Hog Miner Cycle Deck

Replacements: Goblin Barrel with Miner.

Strategy: How to play this deck correctly? Well, the key is to harass enemy towers multiple times using miner as a distraction/surprise attack, while deploying other troops to push lane. Miner is a very cheap troop while providing many utilities. He can be also used to defend by pulling enemy’s distraction to other directions. Hog Rider is a powerful partner with Miner as he can freely focus on tower without being hit, combined with baby dragon they will be a devastating combo. Furthermore, Zap will allow them to attack tower in seconds. We hava Miner Guide and Zap Guide that you should definitely check out.

What about defence? With the presence of Inferno Tower, Baby Dragon and Zap along with cheap troops, counter Hog and other meta decks is not very difficult. At the beginning of the match, you should consider this powerful counter push combo: First deploy your Goblins, then quickly deploy Miner near their tower to distract troops. Use zap to quickly take them down and start sniping tower. If you have good timing, this combo can deal up to 1000 dam to tower in the first 10 seconds! During defence, try to use Baby Dragon to take their troops down, while deploying miner immediately to counter attack their tower, use Zap to disable their troops again. This is one of the most annoying counter push strategy in clash royale.

Check out other Hog Cycle Deck or Miner Deck No Hog And Legend deck.

Miner Hog Video Guide

3. Sparky Wizard Combo Deck

Replacements: Arrows with Zap, Giant with Valkyrie

Strategy: Sparky has highest damage in CR, yet slowest attack speed, make her vulnerable to swarm of troops such as Skeletons, Goblins or Minion Horde. The main strategy here is to clear out every horde that distract Sparky during the pushing.

If you plan to attack first, place Tombstone near the lane, wait for the elixir to regenerate and the opponent’s cards. When Sparky nearly reach the bridge, deploy Valkyrie in front of her and Wizard behind to clear hordes. Use Zap if necessary to ensure your pushing. If you are lucky, you will be able to take down the arena tower in this wave, or else you can lower HP to a half.

A useful counter push strategy here is somewhat similar to attacking: After a successful defence, deploy Sparky as well as Tombstone, wait for Sparky and then deploy Valkyrie and Wizard. I you are lucky you can summon another Sparky!

When you need to defend, place tombstone to slow down opponent’s troops, Wizard to kill hordes and Cannon to hit tanker/building hitter like Hog Rider or Royal Giant.

Sparky Deck Video Guide hope you enjoyed this Clash Royale Arena 6 Decks, and don’t forget to share awesome deck guide with your friends! If you want to see earlier decks or strategy posts, check out here!

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