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Best Wizard Decks With Powerful Combos – RIP tower

Despite his awesomeness in appearance, Wizard can be deadly with his fireballs when he set foot on the battle ground! Best Wizard Decks For Arena 5 and higher!

Wizard is best card unlocked at Arena 5 Spell Valley – Every pushing strategy deck would love to include this man, with the advantage of dealing damage in significant AOE. His HP can be compared with an equal leveled Musketeer, while he can be fireballed if the fireball is one level higher. He does very high area damage as Witch but does much more spash. Swarm troops, Minions, Goblins or Skeletons, etc can be melt instantly if placing front of him. Since Wizard is pretty much always behind a tank, he can be kill before tank so you should have some troops to take care his back. My favorite way of using him is to let him defend, and then counter-push. hope you enjoyed Wizard Strategy and don’t forget to share this awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

1. Wizard + Hog Deck Combo available at Arena 5

2. Wizard + Hog/Prince Combo

3. Wizard + Pekka Deck Combo For Arena 6 and Arena 7

4. Wizard + Hut Deck

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