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Rage Decks Destroy Your Opponent Fast And Furious

This Rage deck of Witch and Mini Pekka Combo is super effective for aggressive battle style in Arena 5 6 7 and 8, destroy your opponents fast and furious! wishes you could score more wins with this crazy yet effective Witch Mini + Pekka Rage Deck. Make sure to share this deck guide to your friends, climb up arenas together to enjoy Clash Royale!

Mainstream Rage deck with Hog & Witch Combo is no strange to all of the Clash Royale players. But how about add a little twist of Mini Pekka, a monstrous force has just gone real.

Rage deck feat. Witch Mini Pekka Strategy

Little reminder if you haven’t read the latest changelog: Witch got buffed with increased 10% damage and her Skeletons got increased with 5% in damage and HP. The troops in this deck are fast and furious, Rage just makes them go on full rampage. Believe me, a combo of Mini Pekka & Witch will hit like a truck while sweeping out the opponent troops effectively.

Use your Rage Spell wisely! It will be the key turning point in this strategy. Deploy some troops in advance to check your opponent tactics. Ideally, whenever you have a decent amount of elixir, start deploying Witch at the bottom line to setup a chain of destruction right after. Then drop Hog Rider and Mini Pekka at the middle line, cover them up with squishy troops with Minions and fire spirits. Eliminate the opponent’s counter troops with Zap or other destructible Spells. Once your opponent still hasn’t realized what your intention is and the path is clear, deploy the Rage Spell to quickly conquer their tower. Watch out for super speedy tower elimination from the power of Raged deadly troops!

Every Deck has its own weakness. Here is a very important tip to hold an in-depth knowledge of this Deck: Never engage directly with your opponent troops. Distracting strategy will enhance the Deck a lot, deploy squishy troops to win Elixir exchange battle and wait for a careless moment. When the path is open, the Raged Witch and Mini Pekka will clear the arena speedily if they ignore to defend. Other concerns: Witch is easily countered by Valkyrie which is one of the most common cards and please don’t forget Princess.

Witch Mini Pekka Rage Deck Video Guides

Crush your opponent’s arena with the Witch Mini Pekka Rage Deck. Punish them hard when they are caught off guard with your fast and furious troops. Don’t forget to hit the like button, comment and subscribe if you want to dig in more daily Clash Royale tactics videos. If you have any questions for this Witch Mini Pekka Rage Deck, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment on!

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