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It’s time to Xbow Decks Come Back

X-bow is balanced card and requires skill, to be win with X-bow Deck can be frustrating though, especially at higher arena (Arena 6 7 and 8).

Yes, you can say that there’s a variety of ways x-bow can be countered with its low health and low dps, all you have to do is put minion horde and gain a one elixir advantage. Any card can be countered easily by itself. What if the user had Arrows? BAM, 5 Elixir wasted. So yes, each card has its own weaknesses, but the trick is to pair it up with another card that covers x-bow weakness. hope you enjoyed X-bow Strategy and don’t forget to share this awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!


On 3/5/16, the May Update fixed the “range bug” and decreased the X-Bow’s range to 11.5 (from 12) but its effective range is unchanged.

X-bow Decks below are designed to place and attack the enemy Crown Towers and then make favorable reactive trades to allow the X-Bow clear shots. An X-Bow can 100% kill a Tower if uninterrupted, so that’s what we are trying to do.

A spell will easily take down most of its health. Swarm troops also work because the xbow is single target. You may want to keep your Arrows / Tesla / Inferno / Cannon available, always…

Xbow decks are very subjective to the user and how they play. They can be really good or really bad. I would try it in friendly battles and see how it works. Then try it in actual battles and tweak if needed.

X-bow Cannon Tesla Combo Level 7 Arena 5

Note: you should turn off your volume

X-bow Cannon Tesla Deck

X Bow + Inferno + Rocket Deck Level 9 Arena 6

X Bow Inferno Rocket

X-bow Rage Combo Level 7 Arena 6

X-bow Rage

X-bow Cannon Elixir Collector Level 9 Arena 6

X-bow Cannon Elixir Collector

X-bow Cannon Bomb Tower Level 8 Arena 7

X-bow Cannon Bomb Tower

X-bow Sparky Elixir Collector Level 9 Arena 8

X-bow Sparky Elixir Collector

So hope you guys enjoyed this small X-bow videos’ guide, don’t forget to hit the like button, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t for more daily Clash Royale strategy and videos. Also, don’t hesitate to commend If you have any question about X-bow Decks in Clash Royale guys!

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