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Fit Prince Into Your Arena 4 and 5 Decks – No Big Deal

Clash Royale best decks and attack strategy for Arena 4 and 5 with the Prince Wizard and Barbarians combos.

“Just lost a lot of trophies (from 1520-1300) but then I found this arena 4 prince deck, and I climbed from 1400 to 1710 without losing a single match – thank you Ash!

Two of the best decks revolving around the Prince card specifically get getting through Arena 4 and Arena 5, explaining what makes it the best, and show you some live attacks with these deck! hope you enjoyed the Prince guide and don’t forget to share this post with your friends! You rock!

In general, 3 decks below have average Elixir with an Epic card, 1 – 2 Rare Cards. Besides, you can easily upgrade and replace the common cards following your style. How about the tactic of 3 decks? They are balanced decks collect all of the defense/offense/support units. It’s mentioned many times in the previous Clash Royale deck building guide that the good deck is the first step, but to win you must learn how to drop cards and estimate Elixir rightly.

Note: Do not play in long sessions. Stop playing if you lose more than 2 times in a row. The longer you play, the matchmaking will keep pairing you up against tougher and higher level opponents).

Prince Wizard For Arena 4 and 5

Offensive choice: Prince, Wizard, Barbarian Hut, Baby Dragon
Defensive utility shell: Archers, Skeleton, Fireball, Minion Horde
Average Elixir cost: 4.1
Replace: If you don’t have Wizard or Baby Dragon just replace it with a splash attacker like Bomber or Valkyrie or Witch.

Mostly, you don’t wanna attack first and should begin the battle with Barbarian Hut, Skeleton and Archers to counter the first attack way. After the successful counter, continue to push with your current cards. In the first turn of attack units, you will 2 troops form Barbarian Hut + Skeleton/Archers/Wizard (form first wave) + Baby Dragon/Minion Horde. This turn will cause a certain level of damage to opponent’s Arena Tower. Continue to defend solidly and wait to X2 Elixir to drop the main combo Prince, Wizard, Barbarian, Baby Dragon.

Video to show you how to attack with Prince Wizard Barbarian Deck

Video Guide Bomber, Witch after replacements

Prince Barbarians For Arena 4 and 5

Offensive choice: Prince, Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Minion Horde
Defensive utility shell: Inferno, Arrows, Bomber, Goblin Hut
Average Elixir cost: 4.1
Replace: Inferno, Arrows to Tesla and Zap respectively

Let’s begin with dropping Goblin Hut if this unit is available or 1 small push Prince + Bomber/ Spear Goblins. A target of the small push is to know how opponent counter, not to destroy Arena Tower. With the used cards, you can guess what tactic of the opponent. If they counter by Goblin or Skeleton, continue to push. If they counter by Musketeer/ Minion Horde or Barbarian/ Baby Dragon, you should counter by Inferno, Arrows, Bomber carefully.

Note: Don’t use Arrows when the opponent drops Spear Goblin, your Arena Tower can deal with this small damage. Dropping Inferno to counter will waste much Elixir and only use when offensive units are not Skeleton Army or Minion Horde.

Last but not least, should remember: Practice as much as possible. A good deck is just the beginning.

Thank you very much for reading this Prince deck guide! If you have any question, just comment and will do our best to help you! You rock my friends!

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