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5 Best Rage Spell Decks – They Didn’t See It’s Coming!

Rage Spell is one of the cheapest Epic Cards in Clash Royale, providing a +40% Attack Speed (AS) and Movement Speed (MS) boost for a total of 9 seconds at level 3 with only 3 elixir cost. Have you ever imagined how deadly it could be if rage and spawner combine together? Well it’s just the beginning! hope you enjoyed Rage Spell Strategy and don’t forget to share this awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

Rage Spell can affect troops and buildings such as X-bow, Mortal and Elixir Collector (yes, it will definitely help your turrets increase firerate but not damage). In this guide, will show you the 5 best rage combos as Rage Spell + Balloon, Rage + x-bow, Rage + Hut/Spawner + Elixir Collector and Rage + Freeze + Hog for each arena respectively to use properly in every level possible. You should also read the Rage Spell usage guide to increase your victory chance with these decks below.

1. Rage + Balloon Arena 4 Level 6

Rage + Balloon Video

2. Rage + x-bow combo Arena 5 Level 7

Rage + x-bow combo Video

3. Rage + Hut/Spawner + Elixir Collector Arena 6 Level 8

4. Rage Spell + Freeze Combo Arena 6 Level 8

Rage Spell + Freeze Combo Video

5. Rage + Freeze + Hog Arena 6 Level 11

Hog + Freeze + Rage Video

So I hope you guys have enjoyed this small Rage Spell guide, and don’t forget to hit the like button, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t for more daily Clash Royale strategy and videos. Also, don’t hesitate to comment if you have any question about Rage Decks in Clash Royale!

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