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Hog Rider + Spawner Deck – Funny Hut Spammer Tactic

This Spawner deck will help those who stuck in Arena 4 to get the hell out of it. Let’s find out how to play this awesome Hut Spammer deck in Clash Royale!

Overview: Only both Huts plus Hog Rider as Rare cards and rest are common, this deck is easy to build and level up, provided that some cards are unlockable at Arena 1. The average elixir cost is quite with 4.3, quite straightforward as we have a Hut here. With the combination of those cards, this deck is very versatile in terms of both offense and defense, and can overwhelm opponent to death during the double elixir time!

Note: I have made a replacement in the video’s cards, as we don’ have Poison at Arena 4. I replace it with Fireball for the same cost.

Spawner Deck Offensive Strategy

This deck does not have a specific combo, since your job is to constantly send out spawned troops from your Huts to deal some chip damage away from their tower gradually, along with occasional Barbarians/Bomber/Archers drop to support the spawner push. However, when it comes to the double elixir time, Hog Rider + Barbarians + Bomber combined with spawned troops can form a devastating pushing combo with lots of troops covering for your Hog Rider.

Splash damage troops are the worst counter to out deck, as they will get rid of our units very quickly. In this case, you can drop Hog to distract them, and let our crowded troops to finish them off. Placing Barbarians as mini Tank is also viable. You can play a Fireball if they stand near the Arena Tower.

Remember to keep putting pressure on enemy’s Tower by spawned troops and our Hog combo. When you find it difficult to push a lane (e.g. opponent has defensive buildings such as Bomb Tower, Cannon, Inferno Tower etc…), you can utilize the double lane pressure strategy with Hog Rider + Archers/Bomber/Barbarians to make a surprise attack on the other lane.

Spawner Deck Defensive Strategy

Main defensive cores: Double Huts, Barbarians, Bomber, Archers, Spear Goblins. Interesting things about Spawner deck is that almost every card can be utilized as a defensive tool.

Tank-Beatdown deck – No problem! Your Huts will aggro the Tank and the spawned units will harass him to death. You can drop Barbarians or Bomber to take care of the support troops behind. Additionally, you can do the double 1 lane pressure by dropping an alone Hog on the other side at the same time to deal some damage on their Tower

Spawner deck – No comment xD. Try to use Fireball to hit both troops and Huts at the same time to reduce its lifetime, while putting pressure on the other lane.

PPP deck – Easy to counter since our spawned troops will continue to distract these threats and deal chip damage on them. Just drop Barbarians to kill them fast.

Hog cycle deck – Not an issue since Hog will be aggroed by our Huts and be constantly damaged by spawned units.

Air-Beatdown deck – You should drop both Spear Goblins and Archers to snipe off those aerial units, and place Huts to aggro their threats such as Balloon. Meanwhile, performing the double 1 lane pressure with your Hog on the opposite side to force opponent to split his troops on defense.

Keep in mind that splash damage troop are our worst enemies, thus try your best to eliminate them ASAP with Fireball or Barbarians.

You can check out some common Terminologies for more details about aforementioned decks.

Video bellow will show you how to play Clash Royale Arena 4 Spawner Deck hopes you enjoy exploring the Royal Giant + Furnace + Goblin BarrelDeck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this deck guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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