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Deadly Witch Decks For Arena 4 and 5

Clash Royale best beginner decks and attack strategy for Arena 4 and 5 with the Witch + Giant and Witch + Giant Skeleton combos.

Overview: These Beatdown decks mainly focus on taking down Arena Tower in a big push with a Tank ahead, along with Witch as the second main troop behind the Tank to support it further. In both decks we include a Barbarian Hut to add some pushing strength with the spawned units. With the average elixir cost ranging from 4.3 to 4.4, these luxurious decks require skills and patience to master, yet give considerable reward if being utilized correctly.

Witch + Giant + Rage Deck for Arena 4 and 5

Witch Giant Rage Deck Arena 4 5

Offensive Strategy: Your main goal is to place Barbarian Hut first to constantly have 2 Barbarians running down the lane every time you execute a push. Afterward, you should wait for your elixir to regenerate, then deploy Witch from behind the Arena Tower so as to spawn more Skeletons as well as prepare for our big push. Once the Witch nearly reach the bridge, drop Giant just in front of Witch so she can push the Giant to go faster and Giant will tank for her. You can have the Musketeer support for your push from behind provided that you have sufficient elixir to do that. During the double elixir time, keep that cycle and continuously put pressure on enemy. Keep in mind that you should only save Rage for this period, since this spell is quite risky and can grant you nothing but being vulnerable to opponent’s push due to being out of elixir.

Defensive Strategy: The Hut is an amazing distraction to enemy’s Tanks such as Giant/Royal Giant as well as the Hog Rider because of its decent HP and the spawned Barbarians will inflict significant damage on them. Air deck is also not a problem as the Hut will aggro those air units and our Witch/Musketeer will finish them off. Against spawner deck, try to use Fireball on their Huts, Tower and units at the same time to gain elixir advantage, and start pushing on the other lane utilizing the double lane pressure strategy.

Video showing you how to play with Witch Giant and Rage Deck

Witch + Giant Skeleton + Hog Rider Deck for Arena 4 and Arena 5

Witch Giant Skeleton Hog Rider Deck Arena 4 5

Offensive Strategy: It basically has the same tactic to the above deck, yet we added a secondary threat which is a Hog Rider in this deck. This one is easier to cycle as we will always have a threat to opponent’s building. It is obvious to place down a Hut first, then execute the combo including Giant Skeleton + Witch which resembles the Giant + Witch combo. On the other hand, it is possible to use Hog Rider + Zap along with the spawned Barbarians. Therefore, you have 2 options available to make a push, whichever you like most.

Defensive Strategy: Exactly the same to our Giant + Witch deck. However, Giant Skeleton is also a very strong defense line because of his bomb dropped on death which deals significant damage in a small radius. Another strategy is to use Giant Skeleton as the only defensive units, while sending Hog on the other lane to put pressure on enemy’s Tower.

Video showing you how to play Witch + Giant Skeleton + Hog Rider Deck

Thank you very much for reading this Witch deck guide! If you have any question, just comment and will do our best to help you! You rock my friends!

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