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Superior Giant Skeleton Decks To Get Into Arena 4+

One of the most underrated card in Clash Royale currently. However, Giant Skeleton will come to handy when being used properly. Hereafter are some effective decks utilizing this tank.

Overview: In this guide, I will share to you guys the best 3 Giant Skeleton decks having average Elixir cost range from 4.0 to 4.4 to help you to choose. The main objective of these decks is to use Giant Skeleton to counter opponent’s pushes and utilize him as a Tank along with other units to destroy their Arena Towers.

Giant Skeleton + Bomber + Minion Horde Deck For Arena 4+

Giant Skeleton + Bomber + Minion Horde

Offensive cards: Giant Skeleton, Bomber, Archers, Barbarians.
Defensive cards: Arrows, Minion Horde, Skeletons, Barbarian Hut.


  • Bomber –> Wizard
  • Minion Horde –> Minions

Offensive Strategy: Basically our offensive tactic is to counter-attack after a successful defense. The main combo is Giant Skeleton in the front + supporting troops behind such as Barbarians/Bomber/Archers along with the spawned Barbarians from the Hut. Try to hover your finger and pre-Fireball to instantly get rid of enemy’s defensive troops/buildings, so our Giant Skeleton won’t be distracted anymore and may reach the Tower to drop his bomb upon death.

Defensive Tactic: Place down your Barbarians Hut first to constantly send out Barbarians toward their lane and put some pressure on them. Try to defend effectively and gain positive elixir trade if possible. When you are advantageous after a defense (they have spent most of their elixir for example), deploy Giant Skeletons in front of your defensive troops and execute a quick counter attack. Sometimes you can use Giant Skeleton to deal with enemies as well if you don’t have appropriate cards in hand, since he is very tanky and the bomb dropped upon death deals very high AoE damage.

How to use Giant Skeleton Bomber Minion Horde Deck Video

Giant Skeleton Hog Rider Witch Deck For Arena 4, 5 and 6

Giant Skeleton Hog Rider Witch

Offensive cards: Giant Skeleton, Witch, Hog Rider.
Defensive card choices: Barbarian Hut, Zap, Spear Goblins, Minion Horde, Skeletons.


  • Zap –> Arrows
  • Witch –> Baby Dragon or Wizard

Overall Strategy: The same to the above deck since we have a very solid Barbarian Hut to defend. This deck mainly focuses on tackling with opponent’s pushes to take them down and gain elixir advantage, then perform a counter push to chip away Crown Towers with Giant Skeleton or Hog Rider along with other supporting troops. The Minion Horde and spawned Barbarians can easily eliminate any kind of Tanks including Royal Giant, Giant or even Golem! Meanwhile, Witch will get rid of air troops and enemy’s air threats will be distracted by our Hut.

How to use Giant Skeleton + Hog Deck Video

Giant Skeleton Spawner Deck For Arena 4+

Giant Skeleton Spawner

Offensive cards: Barbarian Hut, Goblin Barrel, Baby Dragon, Zap
Defensive cards: Goblin Hut, Spear Goblins, Elixir Collector, Giant Skeleton

Overall Strategy: Try to place down Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut together to put pressure on enemy, but remember to save some elixir for defense! If your Huts still alive after opponent’s push, make a counter attack with Giant Skeleton and the spawned troops. You can drop Barrel on top of the Tower if he use heavy troops to defend, and use Zap on cheap troops if he use them. Whenever you gain advantage (positive elixir trade, successful defense), place down an Elixir Collector to boost your Elixir and drop more Huts to maximize this deck’s potential.

How to use Spawner Giant Skeleton Deck Video

Thank you very much for reading this Giant Skeleton decks guide! If you have any question, just comment and will do our best to help you! You rock my friends!

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