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Giant + Hog Deck – Your Free Ticket To Legendary

This Giant + Hog Combo deck is Updated Jason Deck to help you get to Arena 8 without Legendary Cards. You know, it’s not really the deck that matters. It’s the player.

Overview: No Epic cards in this deck! Which means your cards level will be somewhat high. Compared to some prior decks I have introduced, this one has lower average elixir cost of 3.6, while also offering enough splash damage to clear horde of troops. This deck also utilizes the Fire Spirits, which are excellent along with the Hog Rider or Giant, allowing you to quickly cripple those Barbarians or Minions. And I know some of you guys don’t have the Elixir Collector, so I also made an Arena 4 and 5 version of this deck, which replace Pump and Fire Spirits with Fireball and Arrows. If you have Princess, do not hesitate to replace her with Archers.

Best Giant + Hog Strategy for fast push

The strategy here is very simple: you can be both offensive or defensive depends on your play style with this deck. If I were you, I would place down the Elixir Collector ASAP as this deck requires some extra elixir during the push. In case your opponent take the first step, you can easily defend with Cannon, Minions, Barbs and Zap. For those with their defensive style, it is very simple to defend with your cards, as their tanky troops will focus on cannon, while Minions take care of them, and Fire Spirits will kill the support troops behind. Zap can be used to stop them briefly and Giant is another distraction, allowing your units to hit without struggling. With Elixir Collector and successful defense, you should gain elixir advantage now and you can counter push immediately with the defensive troops combos, such as Giant + Minions, Barbs + Hog + Zap or Hog + Fire Spirits + Zap.

For those who prefer offensive style, once you realize that you have enough elixir to execute a push, drop your Giant first, then use Archers as support units. When your opponent has swarm troops surrounding your tank, use Fire Spirits to take them out and gain elixir advantage, and use Zap to eliminate them further. While they are busy hitting your Giant, send out a Hog to hit their tower freely. With the above combo, their troops will be wiped out and Tower will be yours.

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Giant + Hog Strategy Video

Let’s watch some live battles performed by Ash – a well-known player for his throughout guides and videos. Check it out! hopes you enjoy exploring the Best Giant + Hog Deck guide. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, Comment & Subscribe if you have any questions for this decks guide and dig in more daily Clash Royale strategies videos.

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