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3 Awesome Decks For Beginners to Push into Arena 3 – 4

These are the best decks for beginners to get into Arena 3 – 4 with cards from Arena 1 – 2, with simple and easy-to-follow strategy!

Clash Royale Arena 4 is a real training camp to test of the various deck building strategies, from spamming with Hut Deck to surprise attack by Prince & Wizard. With this deck, our main strategy is the combination of 3 units having the best supporting abilities.

Keep in mind that these decks are only my recommendations. Each Clasher has different playstyle, so you have to find out by yourself How to build a best deck fitting that playstyle, as well as know some basic strategy in Clash Royale.

1. Arena 3 – 4: Prince + Valkyrie + Bomber Deck

Main Offence: Barbarian Hut (or Goblin Hut), Valkyrie, Prince and Bomber
Main Defence: Barbarian Hut, Bomber, Musketeer

It is at top priority to place Hut first to put pressure on enemy and force him to make a move before us.

Defend effectively, then you should drop Prince from the bottom of the map. When he nearly reaches the bridge, deploy Valkyrie before him to tank and clear swarms away. You can drop a Bomber behind to increase the splash damage.

When being attacked, use Arrows to block Goblins & Minions, use Barbarian Hut to disperse the enemy’s force, especially tank such as Giant, Giant Skeleton, then use Bomber + Archers & Musketeer to neutralize attacks.

2. Arena 3 – 4: Giant + Baby Dragon + Musketeer Deck

This combination of 3 cards will make battle deck become the winning deck in Arena 2 & 3, even Arena 4.

The rank of dropping card is similar to Deck 1, drop Barbarian Hut first, and tank for other cards to decrease HP of attack units of the opponent. After the first attack unit, ( the rule: the opponent attacks first), start to gather elixir and drop Giant at the bottom corner near to the King Tower, wait to 2 Elixirs and drop Baby Dragon and next Musketeer.

3. Arena 3 – 4: Giant + Witch + Musketeer Deck

One more awesome deck to try if you like the Witch. This combo is pretty good with the combination of Giant as a tank, Witch as a support troop and Musketeer to deal with air units. Basically, you have to drop Giant first, waiting for the regenerated elixir, then you should deploy Witch behind to support that big boy. Drop Musketeer or Archers to prevent flying units from attacking our combo.

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