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Setting foot into Arena 8 with 3 heavy decks

You have trouble getting into Arena 8 with your current strategies? You love tanky/heavy Deck? If yes, just read this guide to utilize the 3 best Arena 8 decks including 3 unlocked cards: Dark Prince, Royal Giant and Three Musketeers.

Overview: A noticeable thing of 3 decks is 3 big combos which cost a lot but also has a good Average Elixir Cost (3.3 – 4.1), so they are quite appropriate with clasher who love to spend Elixir as low as possible! These decks mainly focus on the pushing strength of the unlocked cards in Royal Arena. With some Epic and Rare cards in these decks, it would be tough to level up your troops, at the cost of strong pushing power. These strategies are based on video guides by Ash – a well-known Clash Royale player with his throughout guides and videos. hope you enjoyed these 3 awesome decks in Arena 7, and don’t forget to share these awesome deck guide with your friends! You rock!

1. The Dual Prince Combo Deck

Replacement cards

Prince → Pekka
Spear Goblins → Goblins
Arrow → Zap

Prince + Dark Prince Deck Strategy

First rule to remember: NEVER use all of your elixir or deploy your main card to push enemy tower at the beginning of the match. We do not have any clue about what your opponent’s cards are.

It is better to send your Spear Goblins to scout enemy’s cards and plan the counter push strategy later. Afterward, drop barbarians on the other side to check further. If your opponent deploy expensive troops (Pekka, Royal Giant…), you can now deploy your Dual Prince combo at the same time on the empty lane to surprisingly push Arena Tower. Use your Minion Horde, Elixir Collector and Spear Goblins to defend and trade off.

Cheap, horde of troops is a hard counter against Dual Prince. In case your Dual Prince are covered by swarm troops, use Arrows/Fireball to clear them out.Therefore, always make sure your spell are ready when deploying Dual Prince.

Prince + Dark Prince Combo Deck Video

2. Giant + Three Musks Deck

Replacement cards

Goblins → Skeletons
Giant → Hog Rider

Giant Three Musketeers Deck Strategy

Devastating pushing potential – Very aggressive deck with strong pushing power. Follow the first rule I have mentioned above to check opponent’s cards. If your opponent uses too much elixir in a turn, you should now start your pushing strategy: Deploy your Giant to force your enemy drop their cards to defend, and deploy him near your arena tower to allow your elixir resource regenerates enough for Three Musketeers and Witch. Next, drop your Witch and then drop your Three Musketeer, along with Rage spell on them to take down tower quickly. This combo is very deadly to those who don’t have AOE spell. Make sure to plant your Elixir Collector to gain some extra resources.

However, this combo can be counter easily by a high level Fireball, leaving you vulnerable to the counter attack as you spent all your elixir on your combo. Your Three Musketeers must have higher or equal level to the Fireball to survive. Hence, only drop your 3 lovely girls after your opponent’s Fireball.

Giant Three Musk Deck Video Guide

3. Royale Giant + Hog Rider Combo Deck

Replaced cards

Witch → Baby Dragon, Princess

Royale Giant + Hog Rider Deck Strategy

Because of the Royal Giant’s ability, not only can he destroy defensive buildings while staying at a safe distance, but his ability also make him a shield and distract enemy troops and towers. Make sure to drop Royal Giant behind the King Tower or Arena Tower to allow the elixir to regenerates. When he moves, you can drop some Goblins or a Witch behind him to support and kill opponent’s troops. Hog Rider can be placed when Royal Giant walks to the bridge. Get your Zap ready so your Hog can have some free time to deal damage to Tower.

Royale Giant + Hog Rider Deck Video

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