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 P.E.K.K.A Control Decks

The P.E.K.K.A is unlockable from Arena 4 P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse and he is considered a tank because he owns the high HP and massive damage into a single unit or bulding. With a tremendous amount of power swings, it is easy for her to defeat a full health tanker in just a couple of shots.

She is distracted by troops around her so pairing her with AoE troops such as an Executioner or Wizard. So, she is well protected. Besides, although rather costly, she is a good choice on defense too.  She is a 7 Elixir troop but she can destroy any pushes your opponent makes. You should have a  Zap, Arrows, or The Log ready to ensure that she won’t be distracted. This is a main reason P.E.K.K.A control decks are of my all-time favorite deck types.

Starting all the way back with the Miner Poison which GoHawks created, I played with the same deck and a few recently buffed cards.

The Deck     


pekka deck

He is the primary choice to Collectors. One of the two win conditions in the deck, your win condition is probably the easiest to get damage.

In comparison at the tower, he can do more power than a Rocket if ignored for half the price. Especially, he can snipe Princesses effectively.

In reality, this card often should be used on offence rather than defense. However, in the other cases, you may use it for the defense as well.

For example, you have only Wizard and Miner, further Miner is only 3 Elixir, you should select to use Miner to tank rather than having your Electro Wizard get killed and Tower almost gets massacred.

Battle Ram

This is a secondary win condition. In my opinion, Miner, Battle Ram and Poison is your main push of the game because 11 Elixir and many cards can’t stop it without giving your Poison value.

Battle Ram can be changed out for a Hog. In addition, P.E.K.K.A + Hog decks have been powerful when getting together, it should combine almost as well as P.E.K.K.A + Ram. To me, I really like the Battle Ram because of its defensive skills.


Your value card, this card is meant to assist in your Ram and Miner pushes in getting value.

It is a value card. It helps positively in your Ram and Miner to push in getting value.

When the opponent dropped something like Goblins, Night Witch to defend the Pump, maybe, this will give you value.

Your push is 7 Elixir and you can be discharged of their Pump advantage.

You can ignore the defending cards and get an extra 240 damage on the tower.

Also, don’t cycle Miner + Poisons if your opponent isn’t playing Log bait or something, luckily where the counters to your Miner are predictable.

You should pay a high attention to get value in order that you aren’t just wasting 4 Elixir in a way

Ice Wiz

Now this is mainly for air splash and slow.

When P.E.K.K.A mix with Ice Wiz is the good way and effective support.

It’s really easy to defend a Golem pushing with this combo regardless of the size.

Make sure that your P.E.K.K.A is more than likely to be dead. So, it’s always skilled to cycle back to Poison for defense.

When you see cycling an Ice Wiz in the back of your damaged lane, it is the way to go. This will make your opponent less likely to drop a Hog or Ram on that lane.

When Ice Wiz combine with Miner also synergize well. I have my Miner tank while Ice Wiz slows the tower, it causes Miner to live longer and longer.

Ignored, an Ice Wiz can solve a reasonable amount of damage in the tower, about 315 damage at tourney cap.

He is the primary Graveyard counter in this deck.

Electro Wizard

With the 2x Wizards in the deck, you should take notes some points.

When you are ready to combat, you need to avoid 3 things: Fireballs, Poisons and Lightnings.

Electro Wizard is much stronger than Inferno Dragon. I faced a lot of X-Bow Inferno Dragon decks so Electro Wizard is very important at resetting him to make sure that you will not be screwed. They just have to distract the P.E.K.K.A long enough for the Inferno Dragon to murder the P.E.K.K.A and next you have to find out your tower getting damage.

So Electro Wizard is something which niche in this deck and in suitable place.


You’ll be running big momma P.E.K.K.A to deal with tanks.

She is excellent against Hogs, Bridge Spam pushes. 3 Muskets etc.

She doesn’t have infinite HP so you can’t 100% rely on her. Especially vs Golem decks if they stack up a lot behind the Golem. They can potentially kill your P.E.K.K.A really fast.


I call them these bad boys. With the new buff, they went from irrelevant to amazing

At tourney cap, 335 DPS for only 2 Elixir is so steal. To put this into perspective, this is more DPS than a buffed mini P.E.K.K.A at tourney cap which is 332 DPS.

Albeit they can get Zapped, but all the same that’s an even trade. And Night Witch nerf and Log bait on the rise, players people often use Log than Zap to use.

Ice Wiz and Bats are usually good enough to completely shut down all tanks in the game!

This is all the decks I covered most there. I think it will be helpful because it is a very solid deck. Hopefully, you can find a suitable choice by yourself. Try it out!