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Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck

(Description: Clash royale is a combination of collectible card game, tower defense and multiplayer online battle arena. In arena 7 we have a lot of new decks. If you don’t know how to utilize it, then this post is for you. Now I’m going to tell you how to create decks that you feel comfortable with.)

Clash royale is all about collecting Clash troops, and using them to wreak havoc on your opponent’s towers. You will not be able to win if you don’t know the right strategy in this game.

Arena 7 players already have experience because they survived Builder’s workshop and below.  The cards unlocked here like the Elite Barbarians, Royal Giant, Princess, and Electro Wizard can help you to get through arena 7 and reach arena 8. But you need to know how to master it to make it easier.

  1. New decks in Arena 7

clash royale arena 7 deck

 No Legendary Golem Beatdown

clash royale arena 7 deck

 Giant Double Princess Beatdown

 clash royale arena 7 deck

Golem Graveyard        

 clash royale arena 7 deck

Hod E-barbs Rage                       

For arena 7, I recommend taking advantage of common or rare troops, such as the Hog Rider and the Elite Barbarians.

  1. Top rank clash royale deck

Arena 7 players must have their mechanic to push from arena 7 to arena 8. The Royal Arena is where you will most likely see the Double Princess deck, the Hog Miner deck, and even a deck involving the Royal Giant.

Here are the best Arena 7 decks you can use in Arena 7 and above. You can use them in Arena 6 and below but we cannot guarantee it will succeed.

  Dark Giant Beatdown deck

 Elite Barbarians Miner deck

 Go-loon no legendary deck

   Electro Gravy Furnace

Hog or E-barbs deck

clash royale arena 7 deckGiant Horde Beatdown deck

Some of the decks above include Legendary Cards. This is a very useful guide for many players who have such cards but don’t know the right way to use them, such as the very technical Graveyard. So if you have these cards, it’s highly recommended that you should use the decks above.

  1. Top 3 Arena 7 deck

I already gave you so many decks that you can try above. But maybe not all of them will work for you. Keep reading this if you want to know which decks is the best choice. And these decks are going to help you push to arena 8 more easily.

  • Royal Giant + Hog

clash royale arena 7 deck

In the current meta, Royal Giant and Hog are very popular in high Royal Arena. So what happens when you combine both? You get a powerful deck with many offensive choices, you can keep your enemies busy defending themselves instead of attacking you. The reason why this deck works so well, is because many players only pack 1 universal counter to both troops.

With a combination of Royal Giant and Hog Decks, you can bait out their single counter with Hog, then push with Royal Giant and ensure they can’t counter against it well. Instead of using Royal Giant as offensive power, you can utilize the Royal Giant’s range to take out defenses that the Hog will have difficulties dealing with. Even if they have 2 counters, this deck still works against them.

Deck setup:

  1. Royal Giant
  2. Hog
  3. Support Spell
  4. Damage Spell
  5. Support / AOE / Defensive / Air Targeting Troop
  6. Support / AOE Troop
  7. Anti- Hog/Royal Giant building
  8. Air – Targeting Troop
  • Hog / Miner Cycle

clash royale arena 7 deck

This deck is now commonly used by almost every player in Royal Arena. Plus, it is highly recommended by many Youtubers. No wonder that they have a lot of advantages. Even if the opponent counters a hog push, the player has already cycled back to begin another push. They slowly chip away at the tower, getting hits off every now and then.

With these decks, you are able to cycle quicker than your opponent (unless they are also using hog as well). These decks also have the hard counters to the current meta, counters including Barbarians, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Inferno.

Deck setup:

  1. Hog/ Miner
  1. Anti- Hog/ Anti- Royal Giant / Building
  2. Cycle card/ Anti- Hog/ Anti- Royal Giant
  3. Cycle Card AKA Stabby Goblins
  4. Damage Spell
  5. Zap
  6. Cycle Card
  7. Support/ Defensive Troop
  • Giant Balloon

clash royale arena 7 deck

This deck hasn’t been favored yet, but it’s slowly rising in popularity. You should definitely try this because it outputs a lot of damage which makes this deck deadly if you don’t have a hard counter to the balloon. This deck is for players who are not interested in the Meta, and want to try something different.

Deck setup:

  1. Giant
  2. Balloon
  3. Support Spell
  4. Damage Spell
  5. Anti-Inferno Card/ Card that allows Giant to live a little longer.
  6. Support / AOE Troop
  7. Building
  8. Anti Hog/Royal Giant

So this is all the decks that I think will be helpful for you when you want to reach Arena 8. I hope after reading this you can choose yourself a deck that is suitable for you.

Thanks for reading!