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Clash royal chest cycle

Clash royale chest cycle plays a vital role in this game because you gain every single chest after the battle is based mainly on it.

However, almost players don’t really understand how the chests drop or clash royale chest cycle, and they set a lot of questions relating to this subject. Therefore, follow my post to get necessary information about the whole chest order in the Clash royale.

According to some recent surveys, it is around  1% for Magical Chest, 25% for Gold Chest and 74% for Silver Chest. Maybe It is a good theory but you don’t think it is also how the game runs.

How do the Chests drop in Clash Royale?

It is sure that they are based on the Chest cycle. In each game, there are a chest drop or chest cycle, which every chest you get are based on.

It always restarts again and again anywhere this cycle crosses.

Small note:

When you begin playing, 6 Wooden Chests are got side by side, during the Training Camp

Make sure that chest slot is available, if not, the chest cycle will stop anyway.

This is the latest issue, update in 2017

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What about the Legendary chest?

If you gain around 2000 trophies, surely you will have a high chance to get this chest

For the lower level ( compared with Arena 9) you are guaranteed a Legendary in every 2 periods ( the drop order above)

For Arena 9, you are guaranteed it in every chest period.

This chest is replaced randomly by the other in the Clash Royale chest cycle.

Pay high attention if you hop between Arenas because your Legendary chest drop rate is 1 over 2 orders. So, you should  keep in Arena 9 during the total cycle to gain 1 chest each cycle.

How about the Super Magical Chest?

Easily, anywhere the super magical chest fell or dropped, it will be replaced other chest in the chest drop cycle above.

However, the SMS doesn’t drop randomly, you always gain 1 SMC in each 500-chest drop.

What If I don’t have any open chest slot?

When the chest slots are full, this cycle will pause automatically. So you never miss any chest

you can’t just simply do matches with fulfilled slots in order to get the Magical Chest or Giant Chest. You just can’t bypass the next chest in the cycle. Therefore, You will always gain it in any circumstances

Track down the Clash Royale Chest Cycle with Chest Tracker App

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clash royal chest cycle


Maybe, it is called a native app because it brings a plenty of effective benefits. All you need to use is just open it after installing in IOS or Android to track down your Clash Royale chest in order from scratch.

Hopefully, the whole wonderful chest order will help you to gain deep understandings and strategic play as well. If you would rather set any questions or just show your feedback about my review, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Thank you for reading!